Stubborn Kind of Fellow – Marvin Gaye

This has been my shit lately, I’ll be doing the wop to this one all weekend.  Stubborn Kind of Fellow by a young Marvin Gaye was Marvin’s first big single waaaay back in 1962.  Notice the helpout from Martha & the Vandellas before they blew too, enjoy.Stubborn Kind of Fellow – Marvin Gaye

In These Changing Times – Four Tops

In These Changing Times is just one of the hundreds of slept on Four Tops songs.  This particular song appeared on the Tops 1970 album Changing Times, the message as with most of their music is still relevant to this day.It’s been just over a year since the passing of Four Tops lead singer the great Levi Stubbs  In These Changing Times – Four Tops

Michael Jackson – The Lady in My Life

mjladyinmylifeIt’s funny how we realize the genius in some after their passing, glad I seen it before. I always knew Mike was a genius and that was only reaffirmed after his passing. Lady in my life is one of my favorite songs off the Thriller album and it goes great with a grape dutch. Michael’s harmonies are unmatched and the production is stellar making this another classic from the King Of Pop.



Last Dragon was the first time I saw Vanity, and she was dope. Light skinned, good hair and sexy as fuck. I remember watching the movie on VHS over and over, first for the martial arts then just to see her smile. She did her time with prince then split and tried her hand at a solo career, where she found some success. A age old argument is who is more dope, Apollonia or Vanity?? If you ask me your looking at her.






I WAS HOPING TO GET THIS IN BEFORE THE END OF FEBRUARY BUT FUCK IT BLACK HISTORY IS EVER LASTING………………… black history month comes to a close i thought i’d honor some black history that i was alive to appreciate and enjoy.Berry Gordy’s the LAST DRAGON.with a bomb 80’s soundtrack, that fly ass vanity and the martial arts of  BRUCE LEEROY GREEN and the late and hilariously pleasing villain SHO-NUFF and his crew make this an instant classic for any age. i must admit I was happy and concerned when i heard that Sam l. Jackson was rumored to be in the works with Kerry Gordy for a remake of this classic, Sam l. Jackson is rumored to be looking into a role as the baddest mofo lowdown around this town SHO-NUFF.wit rza lacing the tracks i hope this only adds to the films history instead of makin a mockery of it.

Diana Ross – Love Hangover


I love the boss I can’t even try to front, there are certain women who possess a timeless beauty and Diana is one. Diana has an awkward look with strong cheekbones and bulgy eyes, but somehow on her it transcends to pure beauty.

I’m ya fathers friend type nigga if you feel what I’m trying to say, I fucks with them classic beauty’s all day. One of the sexiest songs has to be “Diana Ross – Love Hangover” the song starts slow and sexy with a lil strut as you can hear Diana breathing in the background all erotic and shit. The track builds into a frantic rush of pure disco bliss, in its whole the song is classic so enjoy.

The Last Dragon (Remake)

The Last Dragon is a movie I will always love and never forget. I remember this movie by heart, I can quote the bitch line for line so when I heard from Ben they were making a remake I was happy but a lil suspect at the same time. Sam Jackson and Rza have signed on for the project, Sam playing the legendary roll of SHO-NUFF the shogun of Harlem and RZA behind the scenes with the score etc. Rza and Sam do link well I must admit the animated film “Afro Samurai” received rave reviews and extended both of them beyond there normal circle. The original movie was classic, I wonder how they will redo this flick cause to me it’s flawless. But if Sam and Rza are on board I know it’s in good hands.

Mahogany (Soundtrack) – My Hero Is A Gun

This has been sampled many times over in hip-hop, can’t you see why? Sick movie the boss does her thing but the beef with the photographer cat and billy dee where this beat crept in was priceless.

Motown Legend Passes On

This is something I had to post, someone who is so influential to music period should not go unnoted. I love Motown I think Berry Gordy is an evil genius the way he brought Ford assembly line tactics to his label. Norman Whitfield was serious about his pen game dropping such jewels as, “Papa Was a Rolling Stone”, Edwin Starr’s 1970 “War and “Cloud Nine”. Whitfield may not be on the front lines like the singers but the writer is just as important if not more. Smokey Robinson regarded him as one of the most prolific songwriters and producers of our time. I would have to agree.


R.I.P. Norman Whitfield.