Trippin At The Disco – People Under The Stairs

Fresh off of their 7th album Carried AwayPeople Under The Stairs release this funny video for Trippin at the Disco

“In March of 1980 two young rappers from los angeles appeared on the “Chikara Kurahashi Hit Station” variety show in Tokyo. It was the first time rap music had ever been performed in Asia and here is the lost tape of that performance. Enjoy this lost performance transferred from Beta.”Trippin at the Disco – People Under The Stairs


snuggie Niggas look like monks bee -Av

I was awake at 3am last night and i realized sometimes you come across commercial that either make outrageous claims or that are just ridiculous. Remember Cleo the Jamaican Psychic ?? or how about the partyline girls dancing to their special song “CALL ME, pick up the phooooooonnnnneeeee”. Well on yet another sleepless night I came across a commercial that I originally thought was a parody until they put the company number and order info on the screen. It’s 2009 and the Snuggie has officially taken over , it has been on the Ellen Degeneres show and has a bunch of parody spin-offs. I think the original commercial is too funny to even make a parody of, watch how happy dad is when he clicks channels on the remote and how he raises the roof with ease at the end of the clip , lol funniest shit I seen all week THANKS SNUGGIE !!


David Cronenberg is the man. I miss the ol 80’s movies with mad blood and great special effects (fuck the green screen makes shit lazy!!). I remember watching the fly being so freaked out at the transformation from man to fly. Videodrome is before the fly but the film is dark, witty, cynical, and all the things Cronenberg is known for in his other films. Videodrome is about a dude who run a wild tv station back in the early 80’s (channel 83) He is always on the verge of trying to find that shit that would be the next big thing. He don’t care if its sex, murder or mayhem! The dude (James Woods by the way) stumbles across a rouge signal for a show called “Videodrome”. The show is pure torture but is the catalyst for everything. That’s all im saying fuck that peep the flick, Its classic and the special effects are superb in true 80’s fashion.