She’s a Killer – Ghostface Killah feat. Ron Browz

I’m still on the fence about this one but I suppose if anyone can make a Ron Browz song work it would have to be Ghostface.  No word yet on where She’s A Killer will be appearing but hopefully the wally champ is at work on a follow up to the Big Doe Rehab.Download/Stream–>

“We Eat Fish”

My god im shaking as I right this, this track means a lot to me, shit is history. When Ghost released his debut album “Ironman” Wu was already established as a force, off that ghost already had his fan base set. But when Ironman dropped it gained Ghost and fellow wu brother Rae the exposure and respect they deserved and needed. There are many classic cuts on the album but the track I have to say I love most is “Fish”, right when I hear that shit and the beat drops and Ghost like “we eat fish” its done. This track is fucking classic and im glad I can share it with ya’ll.