Big L R.I.P.

11 years after the murder of Big L I’m still amazed of just how witty of a lyricist he was.  Big L was a talent that was taken from Hip-Hop before he really got a true shot to shine, at the time of his death L was only 24 and 1 album deep in the game.  In 2000 After his death Big L’s second album The Big Picture as well as D.I.T.C.’s self titled debut dropped and showcased to the world just how big, Big L could have become.  R.I.P. Big LThe Big Picture Intro – Big L & DJ Premier

Street Struck The Big L Story

Street Struck – The Big L Story

About time someone put together something like this,  Street Struck: The Big L Story will hopefully be available real soon.  Although this is only the trailer they briefly discuss one of my personal favorite Big L songs Devil’s Son, Showbiz had me rolling when he tells the story of shopping this record to Sony.Devils Son – Big L