The Cool Kids – Pennies (Music Video)


I fucks with The Cool Kids, they have a very unique sound that I have come to love. This is the new video “Pennies” off their upcoming album When Fish Ride Bicycles. I have to say this is one of the sickest beats I have ever heard in hip hop and the Cool Kids do it justice, with pennies falling from the sky and 2 chicks in the iroc the video only enhances the already sick track.

The Cool Kids – Pennies

The Cool Kids have won me over. I cant lie im obsessed with the 80’s like a mutha, plus I love vintage jeans, those ol hi tops with the big nike orange tag (not the lil fake one that they brought back, the big orange one in plastic from like ’88) and nelson Mandela t shirts. These kids are on to something with there gritty production and clever lyrics. Peep the track “pennies”, all im gonna say is the whistle gets you bee.