Uncle Ruckus

The Nigga will lie, the nigga will make excuses

ruckus obama

The Boondocks by far is one of the best shows created on American television today. The way the show tackles race is brilliant, what many may find offensive,  those who can see past the looking glass understand its true genius. In that regard I want to speak on one of my favorite characters on the show, Uncle Ruckus.  Uncle Ruckus is what we at HHTT would call a Ultra Nigga, the Ultra Nigga is cunning,  witty, charming and oh so evil. The Ultra Nigga’s primary purpose is to destroy, he has no compassion for his brothers he simply wants destruction.  DO NOT TRUST A NIGGA, Uncle Ruckus talk to em.

Doo Doo Wop is Strong in Here – Curtis Mayfield

“Someday I’m gonna we walking down the streets minding my own business and BAM!  I’m gonna be shot by some pig, who’s gonna swear that it was some mistake.  I accept that as a part of my destiny!”

Short Eyes is the 1977  fim adaptation to the classic play written by Puerto Rican poet Miguel Pinero.  Soul legend Curtis Mayfield did the soundtrack as well as acted in the picture, below is his famous clip performing Doo Doo Wop is Strong in Here along with Freddy Fender on the intro.Download/Stream–>http://www.zshare.net/audio/608701455cc85ddb/

Fried Chicken and the Blackman

I need a GE Range BOSS!

I need a GE Range BOSS!

fried_chicken2 Even the most sophisticated of blacks could resist a plate of beautiful golden fried chicken. I think its something in our souls that makes us embrace the fried chicken with such delight, the way our mothers and grandmothers floured it up, seasoned it just right, and then fried it to perfection. A nigger loves his fried chicken that’s well known, you can see him with his 40 ounce talking his nonsense neck full of gold loving that fried delicacy. Its funny cause from the most light skinned to the darkest, fried chicken holds no prejudice. It’s one of those things you know, a lot of blacks who become successful or affluent like to turn away from the things that might be too “negro”, but chicken is a Blackman’s kryptonite. To this day the smell of some Kentucky Fried still makes me hard! Popeye’s though, holds a special place in my heart, I have to drive across state lines into Providence to get that shit, and I do so with pleasure.kfcjn1

No one can deny the splendor and glory of some bomb ass fried chicken.

“Yes, they deserved to die and I hope they burn in hell!”

Ok, Ok, Ok Sam Jackson now has his own fucking section! In one of the most thrilling movies of the decade “A Time to Kill” Sam delivers one of the best lines in movie history. 2 White men rape and abuse Sam’s young daughter so that nigga does what any real nigga would do, get the hammers and catch them muthafuckas! Sam kills both of them and is placed on trial for murder. I’m not gonna ruin this classic but I will say this, in a tense moment in the hot court room Sam Jackson utters classic wordage again


“Yes, they deserved to die and I hope they burn in hell!”

The Pass (Edition 1)

I’m going to be real and put this out there. In the black community we give passes, not like bus passes or free lunch shit. Peep, certain white folk come along blacks have to give the pass to. One can receive a pass for helping out blacks or jus being fucking cool. There is no true logic to who gets the pass but the list is somewhere in the halls of the NAACP. After talking to the HNIC’s i am now able to release those real individuals to you.


Now this is a cool muthafucka! His father was a bootlegger my pops sold coke WE LIKE BROTHERS!! JFK was one of them cats who really cared for people and shit so i respect that plus he shaking hands with the king (not elvis bitches). He even went out like a G while his bitch holding his dome, Real talk he a real nigga hands down. I wish he woulda lived longer but they say good die young and babys die everyday. EARLY