Tony Allen Stuffs Pau Gasol

Often given the difficult task of defending Kobe Bryant in these 2010 NBA finals Tony Allen has had great success, “according to ESPN Stats & Info, Kobe is now just 5-for-19 (26.6 percent) in the Finals with Tony Allen as the Celtics’ primary defender on him through the first four games.”  When Kobe isn’t in the game and T.A. has the luxury of defending players like Sasha Vujacic he makes help-out plays on the defensive end like this.

Get that soft euro-trash game out of here Pau.

Nate Robinson Stuffs the Shaqtus

This was great, last night (2-6-2010) Shaquille O’Neal stuffed Nate Robinson.  Not too much of a surprise given Shaq is 7-2 and Nate Robinson is 5-8.  However Nate got a little payback on the Shaqtus below, enjoy.

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Never forget where you came from – HHTT

I’m Boomin I’m Bunkin – OJ Da Juiceman

When I first saw the cover of the new Dj Me$$iah & OJ Da Juiceman mixtape I nearly pissed my pants.  Juiceman officially has the best covers in the game for real.  I’m Boomin I’m Bunkin is some of that classic OJ da Juiceman material that we all have come to love.