Gwen Guthrie – Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ On But The Rent


When you borrow lines from the 5th Beatle (Billy Preston), how can you go wrong? I love this song because it brings me back to when I was young, my moms would throw lil house parties and when she played this song she always kept it on blast. In tradition of great music, light a dutch, get ya drink and enjoy.


HHTT Approved

All For The Love Of Drug Dealing

When I was young growing up in mainsouth I didn’t see a lot of doctors, lawyers, or scientists. All around me were drug dealers, ball players, rappers and generic thugs. Picture as a child you see on tv doctors and shit but when u walk outside u see a young nigga in a BMW and you know he aint got that from his practice, feel me? It seems for a lot of ghetto youth we want the fast life, society looks at it as childish for wanting material possessions. Peep, in the hood we keep the tags on our clothes for validation; we want you to see how much the shit cost we slaved for. For a lot of inner city youths we aint got shit and we told we aint never gonna have shit so when we get shit we wanna show everyone it before we lose it! The only reason I had such a serious focus on education is due to my father, the greatest man I had ever met. My father refused to buy me shit unless I proved to him my intelligence. Looking out the window everyday I seen what would change me forever Drug Dealers. Drug dealers were so cool, gold chains, money and bitches I mean what more could a kid dream for. My older brother use to cut raw on my star wars bed sheets when I was younger; I thought it was so ill to be part of that movement. I was wrong of course but I must say to this day I still love that world. My mans sold drugs my fam sold drugs everyone I knew sold at some time, it was a way of life. I think in most cases we are products of our environment, if my neighbor was a doctor maybe I would have practiced medicine and not pharmaceuticals.