HHTT on Park Ave/ Leitrim Pub Wall Graffiti (Worcester)

Start On The Street: Worcester


Hip hop is something that resides deep in our soul, the culture is beautiful its self expression in its rawest form. Growing up hip hop was more than music, it was my life. Certain songs bring back certain memories, certain memories bring back songs, its funny. HHTT has a deep love for where we grew up and always love to put on for our city. Chilling on Park Ave we noticed the art on the Leitrim Pub wall and decided to post up, seeing the art made me think of how much I still love hip hop and love being from the City of Wor. HHTT City Of Worrev-check-artmen-close-on-wall-art

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Visit Leitrim’s to get a good drink on

Annual arts and culture festival taking place in Worcester, MA the 3rd Sunday in September. This event is planned by the Central Massachusetts Arts Assembly.


Dr. Strangelove

 Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb



There are so many characters, so many moments. I will not even try to breakdown Kubrick’s 1964 classic, yet I will simply tell you of my experience. We all know the famous seen of Major Kong riding the nuke, to tell the truth that’s what made me find this movie. I thought that scene alone was sick, like that nigga must be bugging to do that so I had to check. What I found was a classic that disturbed me like no other movie I had seen before. The dialogue is humorous yet very black, at the same time you feel as if its still all rational. George C. Scott is known for his dramatic roles, but god damn this muthafucka had me rolling in this film. The over the top war ready general he played was superb (plus nigga chewed mad gum that shit was like crack back then I think lol). Peter Sellers we all know was the fucking man playing, Mandrake, The President and then of course Dr. Strangelove. Sterling Hayden is the man too though, I felt his role as Jack D. Ripper (get it) that cat be bugging too talking about bodily fluids and how he be with chicks but don’t bust in them! He onto something cause he don’t want no one especially the ruskies stealing his essence. The main plot concerns a mentally unstable Air Force general who orders a 1st nuke attack on Russia, and follows the Prez, his advisors, the Joint Chiefs and a (RAF) officer as they try to recall the bombers to prevent a nuclear apocalypse, as the crew of one B-52 attempt to deliver their bomb. Peep the damn flick there is way too much for me to say on this film, watch and enjoy.

The song at the end of the film is very eerie yet soothing but it fits so perfect. Vera Lynn’s  “We’ll Meet Again”. Good look Ben