HHTT Invades That’s Entertainment (Worcester)

men up wallthats inside

With a name like Hulkhatetimetravel you damn right we know about comics! Worcester is home to one of the best comic book stores in all of New England and its only right we paid a visit. That’s Entertainment on Park Ave is a local legend, selling everything from comics, video games, movies, trading cards, sports memorabilia and more. Walking in is like entering a forgotten world, your childhood on full display but with price tags and plastic wrapping. Stop by Park Ave and peep That’s Entertainment, trust its HHTT Approved like a Mutha!rev in thats comics

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HHTT Returns to Barnes & Noble (Worcester)



The Polo boys go back to Barnes & Noble to do it right. Barnes & Noble provides an excellent atmosphere to work and also play a little. This is one of HHTT’s first meeting spots, and you never forget where you started. The vibe at Barnes is very laid back and relaxing, I personally dig it because the staff lets us run free in that bitch! HHTT has a deep love for literature and it’s only proper we showcase one of Worcester’s top book stores. Sometimes you have to drop the remote and pick up a book, real talk.

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HHTT Invades Barnes & Noble Pt. I (Black History Month)


This past weekend Rev and I got up at Barnes & Noble to meet and discuss business. Barnes & Noble provides an excellent atmosphere to work and gives the serenity of a czar’s palace. Ok enough of the flattery, tell me why the fuck in the prime of black history month one of Americas #1 booksellers only has two tables dedicated to African American history?? I went into the muthafucka happy to read books and shit then realized it’s the same bullshit.
All that aside we had a excellent time peep the clip.

Ozymandias (Watchmen)

107645-166121-ozymandias_largeFirst things first read the Watchmen.

Now I can continue, the reason I fucks with Ozymandias is cause he is the ultimate. Here is a brillant dude who see’s the world will self destruct and takes it upon himself to save it. Ozy is willing to murder millions of innocents to preserve the lives of billions, THAT’S REAL! The man was left mad money but decided to give it all away and travel the world making his own mark. Incredible intellect and can throw hands with the best of them is the reason why Ozymandias is one of the sickest characters of all time.


There is so much more I could go into but that is the glory of the book itself, read the Watchmen its HHTT approved.

Why Does He Need To Be A Hero (Chapter 2)

Pestilence; the Fort


The Fort is a housing project within the city known for its high violence. It consists of 3 identical buildings, all 12 stories high. The main entrances are steel reinforced doors to keep out the degenerates of society; on one of the door it reads “Asar is a killer!” in graffiti. The buildings occupy a block on Main St. within the city; between each building are small alleyways where you could probably find bodies of children maimed earlier that evening. Within these alleyways the criminal underworld exist, the blood soaked on the walls can still tell there tale. The city is mine, the reason they follow me is because I’m there father. The city is the mother and I have fornicated her enough to produce adequate spawn. Drugs, sluts, guns, whatever means criminals use I own. There is no God for I am him; I am the alpha and omega I cannot die. Though I must admit many have tried to see me off. They told me the Russians wanted to meet, I arranged so in one of the alleys of the Fort. My loyal subject Pestilence was with me on the ride to the fort. Pestilence mmmmmmmmmmm what a beautiful name the lord has given him, I mean I do try. This young man was brought to me from the serpents, the serpents are those who sliver in the night they are the “tribe of thieves” if you will. His mother swallowed my children on many occasions before my satisfaction was fulfilled with sticking my blade into her throat. Her screams were a serenade to my soul, and the blood that sprayed from her beautiful neck a vision of love. I saved his mother, I saved her. “Asar, Were here”, the driver says as he rolls back up the window in the limousine. I explained to Pestilence that when I drop to my knees he should make his entrance; these meets are not always friendly. The Russians want a merger to control one of most powerful drugs in the city “Heptoxic II”. The fort is the manufacturing lab of the product, within these housing projects tenants are forced to slave labor. I own 2 of the buildings in the fort, while the Russians own one. If we did merge then the city would be under the Russians and my control. I am ASAR!!! I stand alone, and the children of Asar stand only with there father! Upon exiting the vehicle I see 2 of the Russians and there leader Volkof. For the last 10 years he has ruled over them with tight grip, he stands about 6’4 dark hair and soviet tattoos all over his flesh. I also have tattoos but not those associated with ink; my flesh bears the scars and bruises from many years of discipline. Its sort of a ritual of mine before a meeting to strip bare, I think this is the truest form of honesty. One of the Russians chuckling screams out in a heavy accent “aren’t you cold, mighty Asar???” I smiled proceeding closer to them, keeping my arms open in a show of good faith. The alley seems so familiar, the smell the……… “Well now Asar, are you ready?” asked Volkof. I nodded and we began to discuss the merger. One of the Russians took post next to me while the other beside Volkof. I started to sense there was more to this than the merger. The Russian next to me was shaking; I could see the beads of sweat form on his face as his brow readjusted to keep it from touching his eyes. This was no merger at all they wanted my head.


Asar:  Enough of this back and fourth ramble I know why you are here Volkof.


Volkof:    Then enough of this! We have never been allies so I will tell you the truth ASAR!! They have sent me to tell u submit, you think you’re a god you are creating too many problems!!


Asar:    Problems…………, it seems I fix the problems but never less I understand.


Volkof:    If you don’t submit they will come, they will kill all your children; they will bury your memory in the pages of fucking history!!! No one will speak your name, and if shall will have there tongues removed and mouths stapled shut!


Asar:    You must have a powerful force backing you. Let me guess the “Triple Blade??” They have been trying to destroy me for years but have always failed as you can see.


Volkof: (Laughing) the “Triple blade” is a joke! I am working with a power far greater, a power that will take over this city and destroy any rival that dare cross its path!!


I stood still for a moment, everything became silent. The three looked with waiting eyes. The sweaty one had his hand on hip as if preparing for the duel. I took one step forward and raised my hands, the two henchmen pulled there pistols but Volkof waived them off.


Asar:    Time is the enemy of the gods; time is what those who are incomplete want so much more of. Time has met me today, I will submit.


I begin to drop to my knees, my eyes close as I await my end. Before my knees could touch the cold pavement, I hear a yell. Blood pours from a blade in the throat of the sweaty Russian that was standing directly over me, I reach quick grab his pistol as he falls and fire at the other henchmen. The bullet made way to his face ripping though the cheek, exploding his jaw upon impact. Out of the shadows another blade flies out to catch a running Volkof in the back. From the shadows a lean figure in a black trench coat appears, in one hand a pistol in the other a curved blade. The lean figure kneels before me and lowers his head. My son Pestilence always knows how to make an entrance. I grab the curved blade from his grasp and walk towards Volkof, as I get closer I noticed the blade that Pestilence released into his back rendered him paralyzed.


Volkof: (whimpering) y-you n-need me Asar, they will come!!




I inserted the curved blade into the back of Volkof’s neck slowly, every inch of penetration his eyes widened more. I covered his mouth to contain his yells for mercy, “shhhhhhh” I whisper calmly in his ear as he bites down on my hand. His bite started to let lose as his life slowly faded away.