Matt Cooke Must Pay

R  A  T

You don’t do that shit, you just don’t.  I’m sorry but someone from the Bruins needs to man-up tonight and put this rat fuck in a stretcher.

“You’re a gutless backstabbing little fuck” – Don Cherry on Matt Cooke

The Bruins are set to square off against the Penguins tonight at 7:00 in Boston at the Garden so tune into NESN, shit better pop.

My Boston – Big Shug

My Boston is produced by the legendary Dj Premier, boasts additional verses by Singapore Kane & Termanology and has Big Shug singing on the hook as he has been doing more and more as of late.   This is no doubt a constant head-nodding track by the Gangstarr foundation representative.  This is off of Big Shug’s third solo album  Otherside of the Game which was released in November, put them 3’s up.  Download/Stream–>

Milan Lucic

In case you missed the Bruins game thursday night, the young buck Milan Lucic delivered a devastating hit to Mike Van Ryn of the Toronto Maple Leaves sending him through the glass.