James Taylor – Fire & Rain

Just yesterday monring they let me know you were gone….Fire & Rain is one of James Taylor’s biggest hits. The song was written during his addiction to drugs and after hearing news of a close friends passing. Music sometimes is often best created when the artist has to go deep within themselves, sometimes even reaching rock bottom.  When I hear this song I think of a close friend no longer here, no not a friend a brother. I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain b, RIP ROB V see you soon bHere is the live version with a very young James as seen below

John Forté Gets Presidential Pardon


President Bush has granted pardons to 14 individuals and commuted the sentences of two, one of those two was John Forte. Remember John Forte? The dude who was on Wyclef’s joint “Staying Alive”, the man was brilliant he even wrote two joints on the Fugees classic album “The Score”. His solo album in 98 didn’t do so well but it did showcase a rising star to the world. In 2000 Forte fell upon bad luck when he got caught trying to peddle 1.4 mili in liquid crack (this dude is g, please praise this man, he more thug than 99% of these rap niggas out). Forte was sentenced to a 14 year minimum, but today all that has changed. The exact details are not fully released yet but we do now his sentence has been commuted, hopefully he will be released very soon.

I have a feeling this man has got a lot to say and I’m mos def gonna listen

Update: With the commutation, Forte will be released Dec. 22, after serving just over seven years. He still faces five years of supervised probation.