Cassandra Complex

The term is derived from Greek Mythology Cassandra was daughter of Priam the king of Troy. Her beauty was outrageous so Apollo (not creed) gave her the gift of prophecy, but when Cassandra said I aint rolling with you Apollo, he cursed her so no one would believe her predictions. Cassandra was left with the power to see the future but unable to alter it or convince others. Picture having the power to see through time, see events of tragedy and have no way to change it. Is the future what we make it or is it pre-determined? If you had the chance to be blessed with the eyes of Cassandra would you look?

12 Monkeys

Nothing short of a classic! This move is about Bruce Willis going back in time to stop a virus that kills five billion people in 1996 and 97 forcing survivors to live underground. In the future there is Time Travel but its not precise at all, sometimes the traveler may end up close to the year they are trying to get to but at times its off by the span of 100 years. Brad Pitt plays a phenomenal role as a psycho in the loony bin who aids Bruce. Time waits for no man and in this outstanding film from Terry Gilliam, he makes you understand that. The overall theme is dark and gritty making the future seem bleak yet tangible. This movie is classic pick the DVD up pronto!