The Saga of Lebron

In the year of our lord Twenty Ten on the 7 month, King James will become a free agent, this is The Saga of Lebron…

July 1st this year may be one of the most important dates in NBA History, the day Lebron James become a free agent. Everywhere on the globe it seems you can hear opinions on Lebron’s future. Rumors have been widespread saying that he may end up anywhere from Portland to LA,  if you ask me, every NBA team wants Lebron and I’m sure soon all will have a rumor or two about his free agency in the next coming weeks. The chance of Lebron leaving Cleveland is very likely, after 6 seasons with no ring he Audi 5K.  This year during the course of the Cavs early playoff exit I witnessed something in Cleveland, something ugly. Fans began to protest about James and his work ethic even going as far as to blast him on local media and other outlets. To me this is foolish knowing the man will be a free agent soon and the fate of the city rest on his shoulders. As the Free Agency draws closer Cleveland has made various attempts in retaining there star, from putting up billboards, original songs etc. but this may be all a little to late. One city that has a prominent eye on Lebron is Chicago. Chicago has a pretty good base already w/ Noah, Deng and Rose and adding Lebron to the equation could only equal success. With the firing of Vinny Del Negro and possible rumors of Phil Jackson coming back to coach, Chicago seems the likely choice.

Dallas and New York have also been very vocal in the Lebron saga but @ HHTT we sticking w/Chicago b!shouts to Chris Broussard of ESPN

Celtics Hang Banner Then Hang Cavs 90 – 85 (Oct 28th)

Tonight displayed a great game of two Eastern Conference powerhouses the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavs. We all know that Cleveland is still bitter about Boston cutting there season short last year in the playoff thriller between Paul and Lebron in game 7. Tonight the Cavs came out strong Lebron took a early role taking control as usual ending the half 50-43. The 2nd half Boston took fire with Paul leading full assault, I have to say the best moment in the game was when Leon Powe dunked over Delonte West, It was epic beyond belief! Kevin and Ray struggled combining for only 18 points but Tony Allen’s 11 and Leon Powe’s 13 points off the bench helped keep the pace. There were some akward moments, like when I seen Big Baby Glen Davis shooting perimeter shots, why in the hell is he taking those shots? The end score came down Celtics 90 Cavs 85, Lebron scroed 22 point and 6 assists but wasn’t enough to overcome Paul Pierce’s 27 points. Get a ring, get a win not a bad way to end a night at all.

It Was 1989

The 1st picture is banned from Cleveland I believe but cherished in Chicago as one of the most celebrated moments in the history of “Jordan”. It was the 1989 Playoffs where this shot took place; Craig was actually having a pretty good game until the great one ended it all in stunning fashion with a shot over him from the foul line. When Michael placed that shot it seemed as if time froze and he stood in the air long enough to snap his wrist perfectly and release the final dagger into the Cleveland Cavs. Ehlo collapsed as if to say “what more could I have done??” NOTHING EHLO, There was nothing no one could have done.


Watch the classic shot