Public Enemy – Can’t Trust It (1991)

With a name like Brother Menelik you know i got mad love for PE, Rebel Without a Pause was my shit! In 1991 Pulbic Enemy released Apocalypse 91….The Enemy Strikes Black and this is track # 4. Public Enemy – Can’t Truss It

This is 1991

Say It Like It Really Is (Video) – Public Enemy

DOPE new video from Public Enemy for Say It Like It Really Is, PE’s tribute to Soul from their upcoming box set Bring The Noise (Chapter 2 1999-2009)

Say It Like It Really Is – Public Enemy

Public Enemy – Rebel Without A Pause

“Yes, the rhythm the rebel without a pause I‘m lowering my level”



Here we have rap at its finest, something that cannot be denied. What I am speaking of today is Public Enemy’s Rebel Without a Pause. Chuck D is a powerful MC, he drops hardcore political science over funky head rocking drums. The sample is so sick its similar to a tea kettle reaching its peak temperature about to explode then looped over again. Flav does his usual hype man duties but what I cannot ignore is the revolutionary scratching of Terminator X on the cut. X’s cutting on this record really does put the cherry on top and at the time made PE a force to be reckoned with. HHTT APPROVED

Public Enemy – Rebel Without a Pause