Pink Floyd The Wall (Movie)

We don’t need no education
We don’t need no thought control

First of all I have to say much respect to Roger Waters and his brilliant vision. Pink Floyd’s The Wall is a film you have to let embrace you, it’s an experience unparalleled. Directed by Alan Parker in ’82 based on Pink Floyd’s ’79 album The Wall, the feature film is truly the visual interpretation of the album. The screenplay was written by the bands bassist/vocalist/ Roger Waters and says he partially derived the story from Jean-Paul Sartre’s book also entitled aptly The Wall. I have watched the movie many times in my youth but only until a few weeks ago I watched it as an adult and truly understood its brilliance. Before I put the movie on I had to prepare, I listened to the album front to back while sipping some high life and blowing kush, after the 2nd dutch I was ready! One of the first things you will notice about the film is the minimal amount of dialogue, this is due to the fact it’s a musical of sorts and the director really wants to let the music narrate. The movie revolves around a young rock star named Pink and his journey into psychosis. Gerald Scarfe provides 15 minutes worth of animation for the film that truly defines the experience. Watching Scarfe’s cartoon of the German bombing campaign over Europe set to Goodbye Blue Sky still gives me chills b! From a judge who is a giant pair of butt cheeks with an anus for a mouth and scrotum for chin to hammers gooses-stepping across the ruins, Scarfe’s genius is evident throughout the film . Bob Geldof plays an excellent role of the main character Pink, especially during the transformation to his Neo-Nazi alter ego. Shaving his eyebrows and all the rest of his hair off his body, Pink bugs out and starts to think he’s like Adolf and his concerts are rallies. The Wall is up to the user to interpret, to me it’s the shield, protection we build upon ourselves, no matter how high or wide we may construct it inevitably all must come down. All in all you’re just another brick in the wall. HHTT APPROVED

Teen Wolf

In high school my life was similar to that of Teen Wolf, post fur of course.

When I was in high school my life was very similar to that of the Teen Wolf. I would break-dance in the hallways of academia, played basketball, got all the girls, I shook hands with geeks at times, surfed on my best friends van and I too also had to deal with a principal who was hell bent on expelling me! Dead up I fucks with Michael J, in the 80’s he could do no wrong, I mean c’mon bee peep…. Back to the Future, Secret of my Success etc he was killing the box office! Teen Wolf is about a geek kid who transforms into a wolf with puberty or someshit, the main point is he gets fur! You would think that becoming a werewolf would hinder shit, nah bee it don’t! When Mike became the wolf his life became 10 times better, bitches loved him and he was popular, what more could a youth want??? @ HHTT we know our cinema and for all those 80’s babies who remember the classics, we gonna help you reminisce one more time.

Double Impact

double impact jeandi1di2

This weekend I got a chance to watch a classic through the good people at Youtube. It seems Youtube is offering free full length movies provided by Crackle. I know most people by now know how to get anything they want off the net illegally but for the shook ones this is highly recommended. The movie I discovered was a gem from my childhood, Double Impact. The film was cutting edge allowing Van Damme to play dual roles side by side w/himself. The movie is about 2 brothers (Van Damme) who are separated as babies when their parents are killed off violently. One gets taken to America to live the privileged life while the other grows up in the streets of Hong Kong. 25 years later they meet for the first time and team up to avenge their parent’s deaths. Van Damme does an excellent job playing both roles, showing both a darker and lighter side to him. They don’t make em like this no more, pure action with extra blood! HHTT APPROVED Watch Double Impact Now!

Clubber Lang (Prediction of Pain)

Today I was thinking of my father’s favorite movie characters and Clubber Lang struck me again. I did a post a while back but this time I wanted to bring proper light to the nigger himself “Clubber Lang” . Clubber’s role was simple in Rocky III, be a nigger. He was dark, big, strong, aggressive, smooth shit talker and straight militant, standard nigger attributes.  I love when he called Rocky out for ducking him, he even told his woman to come to his apartment to show her a real man! Clubber don’t jus punk Rocky, he punk Mick and then turns his attention to Apollo, daring him to step against. Clubber defeated Rocky with ruthless aggression to obtain the title, and the same ruthless aggression would eventually come back to destroy him. In my opinion this is the pinnacle for Mr. T, this is before america fully embraced the mohawked negro.Flashback post click here

Man Shot For Talking at The Movies

Movie Noise Shootingcircus_cinema_seats_0_preview

A man pissed that a family was chatting during a movie threw popcorn at the son and shot the father according to Philadelphia police. James Cialella, 29 was charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and weapons violations. I guess the story is Cialella told the family in front of him to be quiet during a showing of “The Curios Case of Benjamin Button”, a argument ensued and then the shot was fired and popcorn thrown.


Cialella was holding a .380 caliber handgun clipped inside his sweatpants police reported. Oh yea this all happened on Christmas day, I guess the movie is worth licking shots for.

Terminator Salvation NEW Trailer

The machines have officially risen after Judgement Day, the new Terminator film is set for release on may 22 2009.  The film is set in post-apocalyptic 2018,  it focuses around the war between man and terminators.  John Connor is played by Christian Bale, who is leading the resistance against skynet and their machine army.  Hopefully Bale will reignite the excitment of the Terminator series much like he did with Batman, peep the trailer below    The End Begins

In The Air Tonight (Movie Promo)


A serial killer is on the loose

Your family is under attack

Music from Phil Collins

If you seen the Black Coffee series then you know what to expect

HHTT Presents “In The Air Tonight” Coming this Christmas

X-Men Origins: Wolverine


I’m a big comic book head and the X-Men have always been one of my favorite. 2 Characters held a special place in my black heart, Wolverine and Cyclops. The X-Men movies that have been released so far have been decent each leaving you hoping for a better film in the next which they have done. When I heard they were doing a prequel on Wolverine I got hyped and knew this would be the film to see. The Film is based on Wolverine’s origin and time with team X, and if you know anything about Wolverine you will know he has one of the sickest origins in comic history!

This movie will also chronicle his time before his skeleton became bonded with the metal adamantium.

Black Coffee II (Promo)


If you haven’t peeped the first Black Coffee then get your game up here.

They killed his partner, a bitch set him up and a priest is wrapped up in the mess somehow.

Black Coffee II (Revelations) Coming Soon to HHTT

Megatron Bodies Irondhide (Such Heroic Nonsense)

megatronTo set the record straight I still prefer the 1986 animated film of Transformers over the live action movie. To me the animated film was more raw and truly captured the cartoon in proper light. Now what you gonna peep in this clip is my nigga MEGATRON!!! As a kid I always loved Mega, and why not?? He was a G! Many of my nigga’s was like “he jus turn to a gun?? That’s wack!” I on the other hand was smart enough to realize his genius. Megatron was far more powerful and smarter than most decepticons and the cannon on his arm would rock a muthafcka. Even when he turned to the handheld pistol for Sarscream to wield, one shot to a Autobot chassis and it was over. Just watch how he roll through with scream and the constructicons and destroy shop, oh yea RP Ironhide, you bust all that shit with Prime and now look at you, LOOK AT YOU!