Debarge – I Like it


Grand Puba flipped this but the original is so much better. Debarge is responsible for countless R&B hits of the 80’s that have been raped in the last decade. What this proves is the quality of their sound and longevity. Smooth melody, Smooth Beat, I Like it. Talk to em El!Debarge – I Like It

Air Yeezy’s


Nike and Kanye have teamed up to release a sneaker called the “Air Yeezy’s. Usually I don’t like when rappers endorse shoes cause they end up being a piece of pure shit but with Kanye I have a feeling this might actually be hot. Kanye has a good eye for fashion and hip getting up with Nike is pure brilliance, Ye is a sneaker head from the glory days like myself so I know he wont disappoint.

Peep the kicks in 3 color ways looking to drop around March 09’


Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness/Winter Sadness


These are two of my favorite songs of all time. There are barley any words on these songs but what Kool and the Gang give you is fantastic melody. “Summer Madness” is the classic song which Will Smith took sample for his hit “Summertime” . The way the beat builds in Summer Madness is legendary and truly displays the artistic creativity of this group. Pac sampled “Winter Sadness” for his track “Picture me rollin”, but I must say I still prefer the originals to any remix or remake. These are songs I been listening to for years and hold a special place to me, as I grow older I find myself enjoying “Winter Sadness” more. Maybe it’s cause summer is fun and youthful and winter is cold and harsh, kind of like life.

Christopher Cross feat Michael McDonald – Ride Like The Wind

Chirstopher Cross my nigga cant lie, but its true video did kill the radio star and when niggas peeped Christopher Cross, he wasn’t exactly Richard Gere if you catch my drift. There is a song though called “Ride Like the Wind” featuring Michael McDonald. THE SONG IS LEGENDARY!!!! Mike chills on the cut he does some adlibs but never tries to dominate the track, Chris belts out sick harmonies over a beat that sounds like it should be the last scene of a 80’s action flick. Its so ill how Mike is suttle yet powerful on this joint, shows his versatility.


The classic is here




-Review coming shortly-

Genesis – In Too Deep

When Peter Gabriel left genesis early in there career no one would have ever thought the drummer would lead them to new heights but he did. That drummer was Phil Collins one of the smoothest white boys hands down. In the 80’s Phil was a god and genesis was a hit making powerful group, the song I selected to go over today is “In to deep”. This classic brings me right to the eighties; the soft melody of Phil and the soothing piano create a landscape the mind travels slowly upon. I feel similar to what he says about “all my life I been searching” because in my life I also have been searching…………..for someone. I thank god for my parents listening to many genres of music, it helped culture me in a fashion I would never imagine. This song to me is a journey, a journey we often take but neglect to remember. Phil Collins created so many hits and here is just one.