It’s Cold – Saigon

Saigon comes correct with some real spit for the latest single from his upcoming album The Greatest Story Never Told, on It’s Cold.

Its Cold – Saigon

HHTT Productions: More King Shit (Ethereal)

After HHP5 some More King Shit took place


The first King Shit had the whole damn city at attention, so by popular demand Ethereal linked back up with HHTT to drop More King Shit! (H2T2) dont mind me geeking in the backgorund, haze and miller high life do that to a brother!

Genius/GZA – Liquid Swords


When Gza dropped his classic “Liquid Swords” I was in awe. Wu was already the gods to me and when I heard Gza had a album out I knew I had to hear it. I can still remember seeing the video for the first time, watching rza and gza walk on the clock, genius. The sample was a steady chop accompanied with head nodding drums, which felt like one is in a state of constant agreement. Rza was so raw in Wu’s early days, you can hear the gritty production all over the track.

Some had to snort cocaine to act insane before pete rocked it on.


Worcester Hip Hop


You know me as Brother Menelik, but a while back I went by the MC name of “Av”. I was in a group called Da Leg with my brother T.O.D. and found some local success with pain along the way. Good people like Nytmare and Frank the Butcher tried to create a platform in Worcester MA, for artists to grow and it was very beneficial. Years have passed and I have moved on somewhat but still have a deep love and appreciation for hip-hop, I still rap when I feel like it and produce here and there. There are so many artists in Worcester, Mass with such great skills but hardly any outlets. I think back to the days of performing, remembering how much fun I had and how Worcester for a moment was starting to rise from the ashes.

That’s why I’m calling all Worcester artists to submit material to

Hulkhatetimetravel is one of the fastest growing internet magazines and wants to help out our local artists.

Gotta put on for my city.

Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim
Co-Editor In Chief