Two Killed in Michigan College


Two people were shot and killed today at a community college in Michigan, in what cops believe was a murder suicide. A man and woman were found dead in a classroom. Investigators believe the man shot the woman but would not provide further information. The campus was on lockdown and will be closed for the rest of day, officials said. I cant wait till more details of this are released, niggas is bugging in college that’s why I dropped out.

SEC Referee has flashback

Now I know you must have seen this on ESPN, and if you didn’t you will.  Apparently this referee used to be a quite talented linebacker in the SEC for Kentucky, the man still has it no doubt.  SEC officials say he was just getting out of the way, don’t look that way to me, but I’ll let you be the judge.

Electoral College (Does a vote count?)

A lot of young people read a Diddy t-shirt and think that if they don’t vote a bullet will release from a chamber into there skull, this is false. Voting is an integral part of our political system but your vote is not the vote that cast our president, the Electoral College determines this. Each state has a body of electors that cast a vote for president, now some of these electors have made promises to vote for certain candidates but in the end it is there final say on who the president and vice will be. Don’t get me wrong our vote does count if it comes to ballots like in Bush vs. Gore, then we play a major factor but this is a rare instance. I have to agree with why not to go with a “popular vote” but I think a lot of our entertainers are confused by the whole political machine period. Your vote is important but in the end it really wont count, the electors for each state will make there decision based on there own feelings period. Politrix is a bitch huh?