Planet Hulk


They sent him to another universe, they tricked him, and they lied to him. They sent him to another world, they claimed he would find peace but instead he found war. Planet Hulk is one of the best graphic novels I have read since the Watchmen, real talk bee! My man Jay let me hold it at work and I fell in love with the story. Basically it involves Reed (Bitch) Richard, Doc Strange, Black Bolt and Ironman. These 4 bitch niggas tricked the Hulk to leave Earth then BOOM sent him to another world where he would become a slave. On the new planet Hulk is very weak and must regain his strength over time, but we all know the angrier Hulk gets the stronger! If you into the graphic novel thing or not, It’s an all around good read. Oh yea IT’S THE HULK BEE!!!! HHTT APPROVEDworld-war-hulk

Superheroes – Planet Asia & DJ Toure

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 just became available on XBOX 360 this week, for the release they will also be dropping a mixtape.  Talib Kweli, Raekwon, Hieroglyphics, E40, Qbert, Supernatural, Havoc, Planet Asia and DJ Toure have all been tapped for the mixtape.  Planet Asia and DJ Toure recently dropped a video for their collaboration Superheroes from the upcoming Marvel Vs. Capcom mixtape.

HHTT Invades That’s Entertainment (Worcester)

men up wallthats inside

With a name like Hulkhatetimetravel you damn right we know about comics! Worcester is home to one of the best comic book stores in all of New England and its only right we paid a visit. That’s Entertainment on Park Ave is a local legend, selling everything from comics, video games, movies, trading cards, sports memorabilia and more. Walking in is like entering a forgotten world, your childhood on full display but with price tags and plastic wrapping. Stop by Park Ave and peep That’s Entertainment, trust its HHTT Approved like a Mutha!rev in thats comics

gi joe

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Ozymandias (Watchmen)

107645-166121-ozymandias_largeFirst things first read the Watchmen.

Now I can continue, the reason I fucks with Ozymandias is cause he is the ultimate. Here is a brillant dude who see’s the world will self destruct and takes it upon himself to save it. Ozy is willing to murder millions of innocents to preserve the lives of billions, THAT’S REAL! The man was left mad money but decided to give it all away and travel the world making his own mark. Incredible intellect and can throw hands with the best of them is the reason why Ozymandias is one of the sickest characters of all time.


There is so much more I could go into but that is the glory of the book itself, read the Watchmen its HHTT approved.

Boston Comic Con

I saw this poster at Newbury Comics recently thought I’d share, link for the site

I know # gets cut off its 508-320-1440 and the website is