Old Spice Swagger Commercial – Ray Lewis

Old Spice has been putting out unbelievable commercials for a minute now and this trend certainly continues with their latest Old Spice Swagger Ad with Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis.

Jets watch out for that Purple Reign tonight

Nike (The Human Chain)

If you have ever played a sport and been knocked down, you know the feeling, you know the feeling of being down and searching within yourself for that spark, that spark that will get you back up one more time. It’s what seperates the loser from the winner. Nike has done it again b.Ali In The Jungle – The Hours

Trunk Full Of Dope (Ad)

gotwethat work

Fuck a duffel bag. –HHTT

Don’t Want to Hurt You – The Sounds

The Sounds “Don’t Want to Hurt You”

Oh yea!  I’ll fuck with this

Thank You Geico Cavemen for killing it as always.


I was at home with the grape dutch and I see this commercial for Barilla where this lady all happy that some dude playing with her kids he like a suave neighbor. Somehow this muthafucka got 2 bitches cooking over a stove for him, whats more amazing is no one know this muthafuckas name! He plays with the kids, He eating and all he do is smile and say “perfecto”.