O.G. Clarence Stewart/O.J. Sentencing Update

SIMPSON/clar-talk So the news is official get the parade and Macy floats out O.J. is finally going to jail. I have to say though Clarence Stewart is that NIGGA! Clarence did not rat on his man and rode the whole shit out, you know when he go behind bars he good, money on the books and all. Clarence is a real rider, with snitching becoming so popular these days its good to see a nigga ride with his man all out fo real. OJ and Clarence are both looking at about 15 years on 12 charges but OJ a G he gonna be all set in super max no doubt.

SIMPSON/ Oh yeah why the FUCK is Goldman still running his fucking mouth??? Yo the dead can’t come back, stop trying to punish this nigga for past crimes! Everyone knows OJ getting locked up cause the judicial system fucked up the last time so now revenge is served. Bitch ass John Wilkes Booth looking muthafucka go home, OJ locked up now you won.

O.J. Likely To Get 18 Years

nfl_a_simpson1_4003o_j_simpson_photo2_mid2oj-simpson1Legs shackled in irons and his hands chained, Simpson will stand before District Court Judge Jackie Glass as she pronounces his sentence. Glass is likely to sentence OJ to 18 years behind bars in Nevada and possibly more. Damn I guess America can rest easy now, I hope ya got what you want.

All this is a  result of a bizarre incident on Sept. 13, 2007, when Simpson and six men, two of them holding burners, stormed into a hotel room and demanded OJ’s shit back (trophies, pictures and famous type stuff).

Mind Your Business Lady

Free O.J.

13 years ago today a jury acquitted O.J. of two murders, today another jury will deliberate in his most recent robbery and kidnapping trial. STOP FUCKING WITH O.J.! Hopefully he beats this shit and America will leave my nigga alone! O.J. is an American tradition; he played for the bills sponsored “Hertz”. This man should not be put though any more stress, period.


R. Kelly Speaks Out 1st Time Since Trial

This nigga is clearly bugging! First off I seen the video I feel nigga on fucking them other chicks but that lil girl I hall and oat that shit son can’t go for that my nigga. BET (the scourge of the African American community) asked this pedophile if he liked teens nigga was like “When you say teenage, how — how old are we talkin’ … 19?”  Legal eagles (good movie by the way) fuck that what biz a 40 year old R&B singer got chilling with bitches that young period!! If im 40 and make songs bitches cum hard for on  the regular im fucking bitches old enough to at least by a 40 ounce! R Kelly makes bomb music I cant lie but damn how u say u don’t like anyone illegal when u got friends 19 years old c’mon bee, so whats good? when they 18 he cant see them or someshit? Does this nigga got some sonar shit so when a bitch illegal they ugly?? That nigga a front word to allah! He like young bitches that’s why he married Aaliyah at 15 yeas of age! Nasty Nigga, but damn he is so talented.

Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim