HHTT Productions: Dirtnap Entertainment (Southbridge Show)

Dirtnap entertainment put together an amazing benefit show for the alzheimers association. They had two different areas going on with two different stages and two totally different genres of music. hip hop was in one room and punk/metal/alternative was in the other. This show took place in Southbridge Ma and was definitely a good look for ALL local music. Big shout to Craig over at Dirtnap Entertainment for allowing HHTT full access to the event as well as being a hospitable host. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for the entire show, I was drinking Dayquil like it was a 40oz. I definitely enjoyed the parts of the show I did catch, be on the lookout for Dirtnap entertainment they are definitely taking some big steps in mixing up live hip hop with bands. Definitely HHTT APROVED, for more info on upcoming shows check out Myspace.com/Dirtnapentertainment

Mike Epps Day Day


“she had a carl jr. burger in her hand I wanted a piece of it and we got to rappin and that’s how it happen”

“this fat bitch know about all the new snacks before they even hit the street, all the bootleg snacks, the year 2000 snacks” 

This dude is ridiculous, Mike Epps had me rollin with this one.