Larry in Wonderland

Hey not all nigga moments are a bad thing… check out Larry King kickin it wit Snoop. Notice the jubilant expression on his face….now in all the years I have happened to come across the larry king live show I can’t recall ever seeing him as happy as he is in this pic…he looks so care free…almost as if to just say FUCK IT….you feel were I’m takin this? I mean it seems when celebrities get around the livin legend himself Snoop Dogg, they become so happy and worry free and relaxed…Hhhhmmm……. do you think maybe?…I mean c’mon yall you really think any who is chillin wit snoop in a ’64 wit the custom lakers paint job aint hittin that kryptochronilyte? …Exactly… smoke on my dude this is your nigga moment…hood approved

HHTT @ Nichols College Sunday Dec 6

Yours truly Lex  Lue,Brother Men,T Legacy,and Rev will be hittin the airwaves this sunday courtesy of  the hotmix 97.5 broadcast live from Nichols College in Dudley MA. You can tune in at 10pm to catch some of the hottest local indie hip hop and then slow things down at 11pm with the love hour.And you can listen comfortably from your PC at…. and click  listen live online…the movement continues

Vick Signs With The Eagles


So Michael Vick signs with the eagles for a one year 1.5 mil deal with the possibillity of a 2nd year.  We all knew Vick is way too good of a player to not get signed but to head to philly was pretty surprising…and smart. Honestly Philly is a great fit for Vick he is obviously not in any condition to start but will definately add depth to any team. Especially a team that has been top of there division for nearly the last 6 years. But with Vick signing there has definately been some notable pressmichael-vick-eagles 

and  the thing that kills me the most is that people act like this man didn’t serve his time and learn from his mistakes.  Thats the whole point of jail isnt it? to be rehabilitated…but to an alarming number of people, 2 years in prison isn’t nearly enough.  I mean c’mon he did what he did and he paid the price, but now you got people sayin”oh its outrageous that he should even get to play in the NFL” WHAT?  Wow people its football….he is not running for senate or city council, its a game!…but the most noticeable thing to watch in these tv interviews is the amount of Caucasians/Anglo-Saxons/Americans/whites that believe Vick shouldn’t play, compared to the amount of Negroids/African Americans/blacks that say “he did his time, let him play”6170364.jpg…honestly i just hope that there is just as much drama, wait no, 4 times as much drama when Dante Stallworth decides to try to come back to the league… He killed a man while drunk driving in Miami and tried to blame it on a the man he killed…..wheres all of his protesters?

Are You Ready For Some Football


The hall of fame game was played this past sunday with the Titans and the Bills. T.O. made his Bills debut short and sweet with 2 catches is one drive. Check out this awesome play by the Titans to get the first points of the pre-season. Oh and make sure you pay attention to vince young’s comments, appearently he believes he is “going to be the next black quarterback to win a Superbowl”… well we will just have to wait and see vince. Also check out the classic uniforms. enjoy

Ghostface’s New Comic-Cell block Z


GHOSTFACE KILLAH is following his WU-TANG CLAN brother METHOD MAN into the world of comic books – he’s written his own graphic novel. Ghost has landed a publishing deal with the Hachete Book Group, the same company that deals with Method Man, for the release of Cell Block Z. The story revolves around a boxer who is wrongly accused of murder and is illustrated by animator Chris Walker. Cell Block Z is due for release on  July 29, 2009


If You Don’t Know Me By Now

Just doin what I do best… you know killin some time befor the radio show at fantastic pizza….. eatin one of those “real fruit” strawberry popsicles….. waitin on my half roni and cheese..… hahaha and bullshittin wit my peoples….HHTT A.K.A. H2T2 get infected…

Michael Jackson is Dead


Michael Jackson is dead. I really dont know what else to say RIP.





Exodus Tyson was only 4 years old when she passed away. Exodus died as a result from her injuries suffered at home on May 25,2009, her 7 year old brother found her tangled in a cord hanging from a treadmil by her neck. She was pronounced dead just before noon today. This is an awful tragedy and my heart goes out to Mike and his family.

T.I. Speaks Out About Alfamega


T.I. has finally addressed the media via statement about the snitch Alfamega.

Even though all of our artists and employees are asked by us to be honest and open about their past history at no time did Alfa disclose to me or Grand Hustle what has now appeared in the media. He essentially deceived us by failing to fully disclose the truth about his past and there is no place in our organization for dishonest and misleading behavior. As I’ve always said, you must take responsibility for your own actions, we at Grand Hustle do not support or condone blaming others for our own mistakes. I hope and pray to God bless his financial plans but I do not foresee me or my company playing the role of his personal or professional business.

Thank You, T.I. Alfamega worked as a DEA Informant in 97