Talk Is Cheap – 50 Cent

Some dope old 50 Cent surfaced a couple weeks back sounding like it came from somewhere around the Power of The Dollar era, this one’s called Talk Is Cheap.

Talk Is Cheap – 50 Cent

Skinny 50 Cent

Wow. On the real b this is some crazy shit to look at but this is really 50! While preparing for his role in the upcoming movie Things Fall Apart,  50 dropped from 240lbs to a skeleton like 160lbs to play the part of a football player stricken with cancer. To prep for such a role 50 went on a liquid diet and did 3hrs a day on a treadmill for 9 weeks.I can’t front this shows a high level of dedication to your craft to do such, but I still think he look like a basehead b.

Get The Money – 50 Cent

Get The Money appears on 50 Cent’s new mixtape Forever King which dropped over the holiday weekend.  Forever King has mostly a 90’s R & B feel to it with a few hood tracks thrown in for good measure.  Can’t front this is a good look for Curtis

Download/Stream–> (No DJ)

Clyde Smith (Knuckles)


Shallah Raekwon was truly in rare form delivering some of the realest G talk I have ever heard. This shit is classic fo real, that OG type shit, Ronald Regan, Muppet Babies era type shit! Fuck 50.