Curtis Mayfield – Little Child Runnin’ Wild

Oh beautiful brother, for real Curtis you was a genius b and today I want to show tribute. Curtis by far is one of my favorite artists of all time, his music speaks to me in a way that is not only tangible but surreal. I’m not going to get into the psychosis of the shit but he created some timeless music and I’m glad i was able to find it when i needed it most b. This song right here is crazy,  the lyrics i could identify with so much and i was a kid growing up in the 80’s b! Painful rip/ In my upper hip/ i guess it’s time/ to take another trip/

Happy New Year (Freestyle) – 50 Cent

New freestyle from 50 Cent for 2011, Happy New Year.

Happy New Year – 50 Cent

Where The Dope At – G-Unit

New music from the original 3 G-Unit members (50 Cent, Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo) Where the Dope At.  Just saw these 3 at the House of Blues and they killed it.

Where the Dope At? – G-Unit

Get The Money – 50 Cent

Get The Money appears on 50 Cent’s new mixtape Forever King which dropped over the holiday weekend.  Forever King has mostly a 90’s R & B feel to it with a few hood tracks thrown in for good measure.  Can’t front this is a good look for Curtis

Download/Stream–> (No DJ)

Crack a Bottle – Eminem feat. Dr. Dre & 50 Cent

               Various versions of this track have been leaked onto the net for a minute now, this version however doesn’t have eminems second verse at the end but it still is a good version.  This song will likely be featured on the new eminem album Relapse due out later this year, enjoy.  This has got to one of  Em’s funniest choruses to date

MTV Cancels 50 Cent


Mr. Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) is having his show cancelled from MTV after about a month on air. Fith’s show “The Money and the Power” will be shelved due to lackluster ratings. Fif talked a lot of shit about his show being the best and even giving Trump a run for his money. I guess Fif is the one who got trumped in the end, I hope he don’t self destruct now.