How I Get Down (Remix) – Marco Polo & Skoob

Marco Polo remixes How I Get Down a previous record Marco recorded with Skoob from Das Efx for his new album the Stupendous Adventures of Marco Polo! which dropped today on Duck Down.

How I Get Down – Marco Polo & Skoob (from Das EFX)

Marco Polo checks in from Australia & New Zealand to share some of his Stupendous Adventures.

PMD – Rugged N Raw


When EPMD split up many thought both artists careers would end up in ruin, instead they kept on strong as solo artists. While E was strengthen the Def Squad, Parish was still making dollaz! Parish was always the harder of the duo so when the song “Rugged N Raw” dropped with Das Efx on the feature, it was over. I still get hyped when I hear the orchestra sample scream over the rugged drums, now I will let PMD represent the hardcore.

Livin’ Proof – Group Home

Bring the fake to Reality, and make them Pay

Group Home (Lil Dap + Melachi the Nutcracker) released their debut album Livin’ Proof in 1995, the album is almost entirely produced by Dj Premier.  Most every rap critic would tell you that this is one of Primo’s greatest works but it lacks substance due to Dap and Melachi’s rhymes, well fuck that.  True the Mc’s kept the lyrics simple at times, but in this case it’s just what the doctor ordered, these two simply told it as it was at the time, I believe the popular phrase among hip-hoppers was “Keeping it Real”  Anyway if you ever do see this record, cop it, because it truly is a classic so don’t sleep! Below are the three video’s Group Home released from this album.


Listen Up -EPMD

Eric and Parrish are back making dollars, the great Teddy Riley assists the hall of fame duo in the new “Listen Up” although Teddy uses the played out Vocorder voice effect thingamajig,  He does it proper much like Roger Troutman used to, once upon a time.  peep the sure shot Head Nod track  EPMD – Listen Up