Malcom X (1992)

Spike lee dropped a classic joint in 1992…………… Do you remember??? This is 1992 bThis shit chills a nigga’s bones

Nite People feat Arablak and Dibz – Ricochet

09 Ricochet feat Arablak, Dibz, Yohon DI

Now this is some real MC shit! Nite People once again with that signature style but this time teamed with local legend (who has recently moved to Atlanta) Arablak and Dibz. The beat is so dope on this track, the sample sounds like an Afghan man mumbling which somehow blends beautifully with the baseline and drums. As for the spitting, listen to the damn track! You should already know when it comes to lyrics, these brothers don’t joke around! Now go and cop that Nite People What Do You Mean You People Album!Nite People feat Arablak and Dibz – Ricochet