DJ Ruckus’ Wondaful Wed. Mix Series Wk 27 – Jeezy Mix

DJ Ruckus is really getting shine with his Wondaful Wed. Mix Series and here @ HHTT we are more than happy to support! This Wednesday’s mix is a special brew for all the Jeezy fans, the ultimate collection right here and its FREE B!

DJ Ruckus’ Wondaful Wed. Mix Series Wk 27 – Jeezy Mix


I’m So Hood (remix)
I Got My Locs On
Put On
Umma Do Me Freestyle
They Know Freestyle
I Do This
Gangsta Music
Standing Ovation
Louie Verse
You Know What It Is
Ya Dig
What They Want
Miss Me w/ dat rap shit
That’s How You Feel
Welcome Back
Play Wit Me Money
My Hood
White Girl remix
My President Is Black
Bottom Of The Map
Who dat
Grew Up A Screw Up
Diamonds On My Damn Chain
Mr Magic City
Tell Tell Tell
Trap Or Die
Top Back (remix)
Air Forces
Ima G freestyle
Tear It Up
Rumor Has It
Over Here
And Then What
Hood Nigga verse
Trap Star
Blame It freestyle
Mic Check (remix)
Out Here Grinding
Luv Your Girl
Scotty (remix)
Real G’s
So Paid
When I See U (remix)
Mr 17.5
Money In The Bank


A Tribute To Roc (DJ Manipulator)


On September 19th we lost one of the most talented, influential, and inspirational DJ’s of all time. Roc Raida of the X-Ecutioners. He was such a huge influence on me and the way I approached DJing. I remember when I was starting out in high school I used to watch his and the rest of the X-Men’s routines on DMC dvds  over and over again, studying his body tricks(which i still cant do to this day),and the way he would juggle the records. It was incredible to watch him.  You could tell the he was really dedicated to his craft. So I took sometime out to send a salute to the legend cause he inspired me to do what I do on the tables today. Rest in Peace Roc Raida, your contribution to the artform will never be forgotten.

DJ Manipulator

This morning I got this in a email, I had to wait to get home to listen and I have to say this is truly amazing. DJ Manipulator is a very talented humble brother and it’s a pleasure to post this on HHTT. Manip we got you bee!

Download link:

Nite People / El-P Show in Boston


Nite People will be back in Boston @ Harper’s Ferry, this time opening for the legendary El-P. This is a very good look for our brothers over at Social Light Sounds and HHTT is happy to support them in anyway possible. It’s always good to see artists from the local scene get a chance to perform on a level like this, so show some support and cop a ticket for some realness!

HHTT Productions: Nite People (What Do You Mean You People?)

E speakthe viewhow we time travel

I personally want to thank Nite People for allowing us to come down to WCUW and conduct this interview. HHTT’s goal was to do a simple interview but instead morphed into so much more. These are a humble group of dudes who have an honest appreciation for each other and making quality music. When the camera went off is when some of the realest talk came out, we discovered the depth to these individuals and vice versa. This is just a teaser! HHTT WORCESTER APPROVED!opp

50 Cent Denies Trying To Pay Off Rick Ross


In an interview with radio host Big Boy, Fif took time to deny Ricky’s claim that one of his goons tried to give Ross 500,000 to kill the beef. “I saw that on YouTube,” said Fif, “He made that up — I don’t think anybody interpreted that as if it was true. People looked at that like, ‘Huh? … How much more of a fool can you make of yourself?’ People look at it like, now you can’t take anything from him serious.

Fif said that paying to end a feud is not of his character, he enjoys beef. I agree, 50 is all about war he can’t sell like he used to so he just for drama. I can’t wait to see how Ricky’s Deeper Than Rap will fare under the turbulence. 51434796

Anotha Day UpThaWay Pt2 Hosted by Don Cannon & Dj InFamous


Cleveland’s own I.L. has teamed with Don Cannon and DJ Infamous to bring one of the freshest mixtapes for 2009.  

Anotha Day UpThaWay Pt2 Hosted by Don Cannon & Dj InFamous

Download for free here

For more info check

Christopher Cross feat Michael McDonald – Ride Like The Wind

Chirstopher Cross my nigga cant lie, but its true video did kill the radio star and when niggas peeped Christopher Cross, he wasn’t exactly Richard Gere if you catch my drift. There is a song though called “Ride Like the Wind” featuring Michael McDonald. THE SONG IS LEGENDARY!!!! Mike chills on the cut he does some adlibs but never tries to dominate the track, Chris belts out sick harmonies over a beat that sounds like it should be the last scene of a 80’s action flick. Its so ill how Mike is suttle yet powerful on this joint, shows his versatility.


The classic is here