Celebrity – Lloyd Banks Feat. Eminem & Akon

Some new music from Lloyd Banks, Celebrity featuring Akon & Eminem from his upcoming album The Hunger For More 2 in stores 11-22-2010.

Celebrity – Lloyd Banks Feat. Eminem & Akon

Any Girl (Video) – Lloyd Banks Feat. Lloyd

New video from Lloyd Banks for Any Girl featuring Lloyd off of Banks upcoming album H.F.M. 2 (Hunger For More 2) being dropped now on G/Unit through EMI.

Pink Floyd The Wall (Movie)

We don’t need no education
We don’t need no thought control

First of all I have to say much respect to Roger Waters and his brilliant vision. Pink Floyd’s The Wall is a film you have to let embrace you, it’s an experience unparalleled. Directed by Alan Parker in ’82 based on Pink Floyd’s ’79 album The Wall, the feature film is truly the visual interpretation of the album. The screenplay was written by the bands bassist/vocalist/ Roger Waters and says he partially derived the story from Jean-Paul Sartre’s book also entitled aptly The Wall. I have watched the movie many times in my youth but only until a few weeks ago I watched it as an adult and truly understood its brilliance. Before I put the movie on I had to prepare, I listened to the album front to back while sipping some high life and blowing kush, after the 2nd dutch I was ready! One of the first things you will notice about the film is the minimal amount of dialogue, this is due to the fact it’s a musical of sorts and the director really wants to let the music narrate. The movie revolves around a young rock star named Pink and his journey into psychosis. Gerald Scarfe provides 15 minutes worth of animation for the film that truly defines the experience. Watching Scarfe’s cartoon of the German bombing campaign over Europe set to Goodbye Blue Sky still gives me chills b! From a judge who is a giant pair of butt cheeks with an anus for a mouth and scrotum for chin to hammers gooses-stepping across the ruins, Scarfe’s genius is evident throughout the film . Bob Geldof plays an excellent role of the main character Pink, especially during the transformation to his Neo-Nazi alter ego. Shaving his eyebrows and all the rest of his hair off his body, Pink bugs out and starts to think he’s like Adolf and his concerts are rallies. The Wall is up to the user to interpret, to me it’s the shield, protection we build upon ourselves, no matter how high or wide we may construct it inevitably all must come down. All in all you’re just another brick in the wall. HHTT APPROVED