New Muslim Cool


I seen this on the Social Light Sounds page and almost fell out my chair! My brother Jay now known as Hamza will be on PBS tonight in a documentary called New Muslim Cool. I remember making a few beats for M-Team back in the day but what I  remember most is my experience working with Hamza through the YMCA. I was in a situation where I had to make moves quick, my sons couldn’t wait they needed to eat and i was going to feed them by any means. Hamza was my boss at Youth net (YMCA), we already had a prior relationship from doing shows etc throughout the local scene which made it easier for me to respect him.  In a matter of days we became very tight and he started teaching, putting me onto the world and not what we see on the news. He made me realize there was more than just selling drugs and getting money, he made me look within myself. I had no car and this man would pick me up every single day to work and build, it was deeper than rap (excuse the ross pun).  Hamza when you read this, know that you did reach a young brother for real. Allahu Akbar. -Brother Menelik Ebna la-Hakim (Av)

Peep the NY Times article plus trailer

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DMX Arrested At Scott Storch’s House


Federal agents arrested DMX (Earl Simmons) Tuesday afternoon on a tip that led them to the home of record producer Scott Storch. DMX, 37, was taken in around 2:45 p.m. on a warrant from Arizona. Tuesday night he is being held at a Miami Dade County jail. DMX seems to be continuing his path to ruin, he’s already been arrested two other times in Miami this year on drug related charges. Shits sad for real, I remember this was the dude who taught me to stop being greedy.

And here is some good publicity for Scott since he aint doing shit.



David Cronenberg is the man. I miss the ol 80’s movies with mad blood and great special effects (fuck the green screen makes shit lazy!!). I remember watching the fly being so freaked out at the transformation from man to fly. Videodrome is before the fly but the film is dark, witty, cynical, and all the things Cronenberg is known for in his other films. Videodrome is about a dude who run a wild tv station back in the early 80’s (channel 83) He is always on the verge of trying to find that shit that would be the next big thing. He don’t care if its sex, murder or mayhem! The dude (James Woods by the way) stumbles across a rouge signal for a show called “Videodrome”. The show is pure torture but is the catalyst for everything. That’s all im saying fuck that peep the flick, Its classic and the special effects are superb in true 80’s fashion.

“The Bad Guys Get Camels”


Ask Ben about this, please just ask Ben.