(HHTT Presents:) Good Eats, The Pepper Pot


In a recent voyage to the bean,I came across small family owned restaurant on tremont st…208 tremont actually. Now if you like Jamaican food this is a must visit. By far the Pepper Pot has the best jamaican meatpies of the city and curry & jerk dishes that will send you lookin for water. Next time you find yourself cravin some Good Eats check out the PEPPER POT of 208 Tremont St in Boston.Just ask for Stanley.




HHTT Productions: This Is The Carter

Real shit, a kid on main south looking for dope……….and he found some.

HHTT Productions: HHTT Invades 91.3 WCUW Selective Hearing

hhtt wcuwlex and maipulatorrev t and brother men

Last Friday HHTT invaded Selective Hearing hosted by Yohon DI and Kusto of WCUW 91.3. Elijah Divine and T.O.D. were also in attendance as we sat down with Selective Hearing to speak about our website, music, the local scene and much more.e and lexdal leg and elijahkusto phoneHHTT Productions: HHTT Invades 91.3 WCUW Selective Hearing Flickr

Robbed at Gunpoint for Popeye’s Fried Chicken


“The Chicken or your life!”


Jacksonville, FL – A young mother leaving her shift after closing the Popeye’s restaurant in Arlington noticed she was being followed. Authorities report four men in a red Pontiac drove by several times yelling “give us the chicken,” at the woman and her man. They ignored the men and kept on home, thinking they left. Instead the men in the car drove slowly toward the couple with the headlights off. Police said one of the goons hopped outr with the shotgun and yelled “You know what time it is. Give it up. They said the man ordered them to drop the chicken or there life. Damn you know its real out there when cats doing stickups for drumsticks and biscuits!

When oppurtunity…….. claws??


periwinkles resteraunt located at the Oxford and Auburn line in massachusetts,came under scrutiny after selling lobster roadside and in their resteraunt that were obtained in a trucking accident on the nearby route 20. after the truck spilled hundreds of pounds of lobster on to the road way employees of periwinkles resturant could be seen selling bundles of the lobster in the parking lot…heres where it gets good….police soon after siezed all lobster from the resteraunt, even from boiling pots!! but the resteraunt and owners were cleared of any and all criminal charges!!..i guess in mass its finders keepers ….till the cops come ha!  bon apetit ue!!


Fried Chicken and the Blackman

I need a GE Range BOSS!

I need a GE Range BOSS!

fried_chicken2 Even the most sophisticated of blacks could resist a plate of beautiful golden fried chicken. I think its something in our souls that makes us embrace the fried chicken with such delight, the way our mothers and grandmothers floured it up, seasoned it just right, and then fried it to perfection. A nigger loves his fried chicken that’s well known, you can see him with his 40 ounce talking his nonsense neck full of gold loving that fried delicacy. Its funny cause from the most light skinned to the darkest, fried chicken holds no prejudice. It’s one of those things you know, a lot of blacks who become successful or affluent like to turn away from the things that might be too “negro”, but chicken is a Blackman’s kryptonite. To this day the smell of some Kentucky Fried still makes me hard! Popeye’s though, holds a special place in my heart, I have to drive across state lines into Providence to get that shit, and I do so with pleasure.kfcjn1

No one can deny the splendor and glory of some bomb ass fried chicken.


I was at home with the grape dutch and I see this commercial for Barilla where this lady all happy that some dude playing with her kids he like a suave neighbor. Somehow this muthafucka got 2 bitches cooking over a stove for him, whats more amazing is no one know this muthafuckas name! He plays with the kids, He eating and all he do is smile and say “perfecto”.


Paul Newman Dead At 83

An actor like Paul Newman comes along rare in Hollywood and the world is experiencing this now. I’m glad I got to know the greatness of this man from such movies as “Cool Hand Luke” and “The Color of Money”. When I seen “Cool Hand Luke” I noticed how Paul settled into his character and expressed himself in a way most actors try but fail horribly. Paul maneuvered through roles with ease plus an air of charm and wit, the chemistry he shared with Robert Redford in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” was uncanny! Beyond a great actor the man was a philanthropist, his company “Newman’s Own” gives 100% of its revenue to charities. This is just a cool muthafucka what more can I say, R.I.P. Mr. Newman you will surely be missed.


Paul Newman died at age 83 on Sept 26th from a long battle with cancer. Ima let some of that gorilla grape pour out for my man Paul.



On The Run Eating

The “belly” in hip-hop has become synonymous with power, look at Rick Ross (bitch ass C.O. Nigga), Shawty-Lo and NORE to name a few. In average America the belly is a thing of disgust, in the hip hop world it’s a symbol of power and wealth. All I know is I’m getting me a belly, bitches loves belly’s!


Peep Nore above he EATING!!