Watching You – Slave

walking down the street, watching la-dies, go by watching you

Watching You was one Slave’s biggest hits, taken from the groups 1980 album Stone Jam.  With the weather in the Northeast warming up, Watching You just makes too much sense to me.

Watching You – Slave

Curtis Mayfield – Right On For The Darkness

curtis may album-back-to-the-world

Dead Presidents may be the first reminder for some of this song but not for me. My father was big on music and would at times lock himself away with a j (blunt) playing classics. This was one of those classics, full of that 70’s soul Curtis speaks with conviction about America, the real America.Curtis Mayfield – Right On For The Darkness



this clip from baby boy revolutionized my evening routines. thank you snoop for putting me on to this track. I’d rather be with you-by bootsy collins is the ultimate weed smokin ambiance. especially when you sittin wit a sexy lil suttin…. puttin this track on as you lay in the bed passin that shit……..mmmmhhhmmmm……….y’all know what im talkin about  holla back im bout to go out like snoop y’all can “quit bullshitten witcha selves”

Brothers on the Slide – Cymande

This is that classic old school B-boy ish right here, Brothers on the Slide by Cymande everytime it’s heard makes me either want to play ball or just toprock till it’s over.  Cymande are also reponsible for the more popular but equally dope Bra.   

Didn’t I – Darondo

A forgotten rare Soul gem, Didn’t I by Darondo is a classic sure to make it’s way to the top of your playlist.

Didnt I – Darondo

I Want to Thank You – Alicia Myers

Alicia Myers dropeed “I want to Thank You”  in 1982,  Alicia was a founding member of the R&B group One Way along with Al Hudson.  This track has been since sampled by countless artists particulary the chorus.  This is definately a feel-good track by all means, you can’t help but to feel good for ol’ girl because she finally found the right one.

Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness/Winter Sadness


These are two of my favorite songs of all time. There are barley any words on these songs but what Kool and the Gang give you is fantastic melody. “Summer Madness” is the classic song which Will Smith took sample for his hit “Summertime” . The way the beat builds in Summer Madness is legendary and truly displays the artistic creativity of this group. Pac sampled “Winter Sadness” for his track “Picture me rollin”, but I must say I still prefer the originals to any remix or remake. These are songs I been listening to for years and hold a special place to me, as I grow older I find myself enjoying “Winter Sadness” more. Maybe it’s cause summer is fun and youthful and winter is cold and harsh, kind of like life.

Early in The Morning – The Gap Band

Seriously, I challenge anyone, whoever you are turn this song up above a three on your dial and I gaurantee you will nod your head, if however you don’t I will pray for you.  The Gap band has entirely too many hits peep “early in the morning”

Earth Wind and Fire – Fantasy

earth20wind2020fire20-20alln20allEarth Wind And Fire is my parents group, My moms and pops loved this group! As a kid I remember finding old posters and fan books of the group my parents had collected. The older I got the more I respected this outstanding group and learned to appreciate there brilliance. Phil Bailey stands out to me the most, his falsetto is amazing to this day I never heard one to match his range and delivery. This is only one of there many classics that show off the vocal power of Mr. Bailey…..I present “Fantasy”.

Ya’ll lucky I like ya, here is the song performed live in 1981, shits crazy!

By the Time I get to Phoenix – The Mad Lads

The Mad Lads were a male vocal group on Stax records in the sixties and seventies, check out their superior version of By The Time I get To Phoenix.