Fuck Joe Budden – Inspectah Deck

The video below is from Rock The Bells down in Washington D.C. this past weekend (7/12/09)  Inspectah Deck made a brief appearance to address the situation with Slaughterhouse’s Joe Budden and the battle scarred shogun performed his verse from Triumph to a massive crowd.  I’ll be in attendance this Saturday when Rock the Bells comes to Ma$$ hopefully Deck will be in the building.Bomb Atomically–>http://www.zshare.net/audio/62708128efb3556b/

Shawty Lo – 100,000


“Mary Jane use to be my main/ until I met the white girl……COCAINE”

Shawty Lo brilliantly tells the tale of reckless abandon in the south. He touches on the obsession ghetto youths have with the “white girl” in vivid fashion, allowing the listener to fully embrace the glory of drug dealing. Bankhead only has one boss and Lo holds that title firmly, while T.I. does songs of redemption with NSYNC, Lo illustrates a wonderful backdrop to the streets he peddled coke on so frequent. On 100,000, Shawty recalls about the times he ran the streets and first accumulated 100,000 in drug money. In the hood 100,00 = a G, straight up.

New York Undercover


New York Undercover was a ground breaking police drama that aired on FOX from 1994-1998. It starred Malik Yoba and Michael DeLorenzo as New York Detectives in the lead roles. The beauty of it was at the time it truly was ground breaking to see two people of color as police, further more in leading roles. A trademark of the show was the way they used a new song at the start of every episode. Each episode would start with a little back story, no words just the music as the ambiance. New York Undercover was the thing to peep on Thursday nights, I can remember going to school on Friday talking bout what happened on the show last night. It was a gritty police drama that went deep into the heart of New York and took no prisoners. You had drug runners, crocked cops, goonies (shorty’s with heat), Mafia etc. Besides capturing the rotten apple to its most inner core, NY Undercover showcased urban fashion like no other of its time. Malik and Michael rocked the flyest shit from Ralph Lauren to Armani including the newest flavor in the streets. The show also focused on the main characters personal lives deeply. JC (Malik Yoba) a single father struggling to raise his son right and Torres (Michael DeLorenzo) has a father addicted to drugs among other deep rooted family issues. The greatness lies in the connection you have for the characters, you see them at work and also at home which only deepens the connection. Ice-T guest stars a few episodes and does a fantastic job interrupting the balance, further invading the officer’s private lives as well as professional. NY Undercover is the Miami Vice of its time, the reason I say this is because Miami Vice captured the 80’s flawlessly (style/fashion/music) and NY Undercover was the same to the 90’s. This is one of the best police drama’s ever constructed only 2nd to the legendary Miami Vice. HHTT APPROVED

Charles Barkley Gets 5 Days in Jail for DUI


Charles Barkley Gets 5 Days in Jail for DUI

They sending my nigga sir charles to a 5 day bid for that DUI bulshit. Charles a real g, I remember when he pushed that nigga through the window back in the day. This a lil bid for a nigga like him he will sleep that shit, no doubt.

Oh yea no charges were filled for the burner in his whip.


I bet even Jordan like, damn.

The Quest for G Full Commercial

King Kevin Garnett, Derek Jeter, Jimmie Johnson, Usain Bolt, Misty May-Treanor, Jabbowockeez, Keri Walsh, Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul Jabar and Winchester Mass’s own Alicia Sacramone come together for a hilarious “The Quest for G” commercial.  Gatorade came correct with this one, with their take on the classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  I am not sure why this wasn’t involved in the Super Bowl because it was better than any other adds this year.