Cherry Kool Aid (Video) – Game Feat. Maad Maxxx & AR

New video from Game off of his new mixtape with DJ Skee Brake Lights this one is for Cherry Kool Aid featuring Maad Maxxx & AR.

Cherry Kool Aid samples this super-dope deep soul Am I A Good Man? by Them Two.

Am I A Good Man – Them Two

Brake Lights – Game Feat. Busta Rhymes

Game hooks up with Busta Rhymes for the title track to his new mixtape with DJ Skee Brake Lights.

Brake Lights – Game Feat. Busta Rhymes

M.I.A. – Game

New music from the Game, M.I.A. produced by Cool & Dre.  Of course Game had to be one of the first to reference the Miami Heat’s new “big 3”

M.I.A. – Game

Gangstas Ride – Jaz-O feat. The Game

Jay-Z’s mentor Jaz-O recruits fellow Hova nemesis The Game for Gangstas Ride.  This joint is actually produced by The Originator himself  & features him and The Game doing that tongue twister fast flow Jaz is best known for. Gangstas Ride – Jaz-O Featuring The Game

The Hussle Way – Nipsey Hussle

Some solid new rideout music from the boy Nipsey Hussel, The Hussle Way is classic left coast material produced by Phonix.  Look for this to appear on his upcoming Bullets Ain’t Got No Names  3.



Crossfire, Crossfirrre, Crosssfiiiiyyyyaaaaa!!

Yo Santa! hook it up this year I need a Crossfire.  Man I think as a youngboy my cousin had this game, and to answer your question, Yes, it was exactly like the commercial.  Enjoy the commercial thanks to the folks at Retro Junk.

Mafia Music Remix – Rick Ross, Game, Ja Rule & Fat Joe

Some of 50 Cent’s “enemies” team up with Rick Ross for the remix to Mafia Music.  After being pushed back, Rick’s Deeper than Rap is set for release on April 21st, expect this remix to pop up on the album possibly as a bonus track.Download/Stream—>