Save Me Joe Louis (Flashback)

save me joe

We been dropping knowledge. save-me-joe-louis-save-me

Nectar Of The Gods


I always get the question “Menelik what get u in the mood to write??”. Well I cant front writing is my passion so im always scribbling somewhere, but usually a grape dutch and a special drink get me ready. This special drink is not that of the alcoholic nature, its simply a New England classic called Nantucket Nectars. This drink is truly that of gods, I can picture Zeus nodding his head in approval as I sip effortlessly on the drink once coveted to gods. Hulkhatetimetravel loves this drink my personal fave is the peach orange, the taste is a beautiful melody of peach with the gentle hint of orange. I drive down the street to my gas station in 20 degree weather to posses this drink, cause that’s how Menelik do!

If your ever in Worcester, MA try one………HHTT APPROVED




“Save me, Joe Louis. Save me.”

joelouis2save me joe

Some people look at Joe Louis as a “Uncle Tom”, I totally disagree! He was not rude, abrasive and ultra black like Jack Johnson, Joe Louis was more powerful as a symbol to not just blacks but all races. Joe held the title for over 11 years more than any one before him, at a time when blacks felt weak Joe made us feel strong. Peep this,

“More than twenty-five years ago, one of the southern states adopted a new method of capital punishment. Poison gas supplanted the gallows. In its earliest stages, a microphone was placed inside the sealed death chamber so that scientific observers might hear the words of the dying prisoner to judge how the human reacted in this novel situation.

The first victim was a young Negro. As the pellet dropped into the container, and the gas curled upward, through the microphone came these words: “Save me, Joe Louis. Save me, Joe Louis. Save me, Joe Louis…”

That excerpt is from the book “Why We Can’t Wait” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Joe Louis was more than a boxer to some, he was Hope.