HHTT Invades That’s Entertainment (Worcester)

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With a name like Hulkhatetimetravel you damn right we know about comics! Worcester is home to one of the best comic book stores in all of New England and its only right we paid a visit. That’s Entertainment on Park Ave is a local legend, selling everything from comics, video games, movies, trading cards, sports memorabilia and more. Walking in is like entering a forgotten world, your childhood on full display but with price tags and plastic wrapping. Stop by Park Ave and peep That’s Entertainment, trust its HHTT Approved like a Mutha!rev in thats comics

gi joe

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Happy Jesus


Happy Jesus has to be my 2nd favorite Jesus because he’s not always down and depressed. I know Jesus done a lot he a real nigga no doubt I love him, but I always feel bad when I seen him crying or touching his heart with that sad face. I always thought how cool it would be to chill with Jesus on a good day, jus wake up go for a walk turn some water to henny. We would break bread for like a hundred but it would just be me and him, eating fish and everything smiling, laughing you know jubilee. I understand the depression don’t get me wrong but Jesus is the son of GOD there got be some good moments right?

Genesis – In Too Deep

When Peter Gabriel left genesis early in there career no one would have ever thought the drummer would lead them to new heights but he did. That drummer was Phil Collins one of the smoothest white boys hands down. In the 80’s Phil was a god and genesis was a hit making powerful group, the song I selected to go over today is “In to deep”. This classic brings me right to the eighties; the soft melody of Phil and the soothing piano create a landscape the mind travels slowly upon. I feel similar to what he says about “all my life I been searching” because in my life I also have been searching…………..for someone. I thank god for my parents listening to many genres of music, it helped culture me in a fashion I would never imagine. This song to me is a journey, a journey we often take but neglect to remember. Phil Collins created so many hits and here is just one.