Drug Dealer, Drug Dealer – Brother Menelik (AV)

“Got a gun named Mandela and the clip full Nelson/ Scope from the soviets, we call it Boris Yeltsin”

Drug Dealer, Drug Dealer is a throwback to another era the wally era if you will, one that is fond to everyone here at HHTT (H2T2) and is often romanticized about when we  build.  We are all true 80’s babies who came of age in the late 80’s/early 90’s and we were all sponges keeping our mouths shut while our ears and eyes stayed wide open, taking it all in.  Av (Brother Menelik) was no exception, coming up in certain sections of Worcester this song was and still is his reality, bowdown to the Main South King, Brother Menelik.


Gettin Money – OJ Da Juiceman

Don’t worry about the line “Godamn I got Swagger, pull up at the club in a 08′ Jaguar”  OJ Da Juiceman is one anthem away from being the  2009 Shawty Lo.  The first time I heard Juiceman, I can’t lie, I didn’t get it.  But between his hilarious ad-libs, (high pitched AYE) ludicrous mixtape covers (early Ca$h Money/No Limit) and after a few listens to Gettin Money I gotta give it up to him. 

Also look out for OJ Da Juiceman being featured on the new Jadakiss album The Last Kiss alongside Kiss and Swizz Beatz on the single Who’s Real.

Gettin Money 

Make The Trap Say Aye 

Lil’ Boosie – Touch Down

Touch Down taken from the Bad Azz Dvd by lil’ Boosie

Watch Boosie count his money with his kids in front of his car, in his native streets of South Baton Rouge (Been Retarded) and make sure to watch through the end for his uncle. (also from the classic Bad Azz DVD)