I Want to Thank You – Alicia Myers

Alicia Myers dropeed “I want to Thank You”  in 1982,  Alicia was a founding member of the R&B group One Way along with Al Hudson.  This track has been since sampled by countless artists particulary the chorus.  This is definately a feel-good track by all means, you can’t help but to feel good for ol’ girl because she finally found the right one.

Happy Jesus


Happy Jesus has to be my 2nd favorite Jesus because he’s not always down and depressed. I know Jesus done a lot he a real nigga no doubt I love him, but I always feel bad when I seen him crying or touching his heart with that sad face. I always thought how cool it would be to chill with Jesus on a good day, jus wake up go for a walk turn some water to henny. We would break bread for like a hundred but it would just be me and him, eating fish and everything smiling, laughing you know jubilee. I understand the depression don’t get me wrong but Jesus is the son of GOD there got be some good moments right?

White Jesus

Praise be to the glory of all glory WHITE JESUS! White Jesus is pure, hair smooth as silk, eyes blue as the artic sea. Pray to god you never anger white Jesus he is ten times more holy than any fucking rosary or stain glass at a cathedral! Back in the day we use to say prayers like “Please save us white Jesus, save us!” I wish a thousand deaths upon your tar heart you say anything bad about White Jesus. Turn a river to wine on a nigga.

“I swear before God… and four more white people! This is the last time!”

A lot of muthafuckas who under 18 have no idea what the fuck this comment means, let me break it down for you. In the classic spike lee movie “Jungle Fever” Gator (who by the way is played excellently by Sam Jackson before he became Sam “GOT DAMN SNAKES” Jackson) is high on crack and shit, runs up in his moms crib and starts wyling out looking for money to feed his addiction. In the middle of all this madness Sam Jackson in typical fashion blurts out “I swear before God… and four more white people! This is the last time!” Now what this means is back in the day and shit when niggas were like in the 30’s and 40’s going through that racial bullshit white people were considered holier than thou so this statement basically meant like we put the word on god PLUS 4 MORE OF THE HOLIEST OF HOLY MUTHAFUCKAS!!! Now we all know this shit aint true but god damn this shit makes me laugh till this day, real talk.


“I swear before God… and four more white people! This is the last time!”


Get the movie, here’s the clip I was speaking on.