HHTT Productions: Gold

You are not a true rapper until you have GOLD

Michael Jackson is Dead


Michael Jackson is dead. I really dont know what else to say RIP.

DeBarge – All This Love


Got my blunt, a high life and muthafucking DeBarge! Today after work I went to the gas station, as I entered I heard softly on the radio “All This Love”. I suddenly flash backed to my youth, my pops locked away smoking it up blasting this shit. So many good memories come from this song, if your lucky enough to have someone you love in your life bump this nigga, bump It hard.


Oh hell yea in like 88-90 this was my shit! You know the god loved scrooge and his nephews and all there adventures, back in the day shit was real use to have like 3 part series and shit, make a youth wanna run home after school to catch part II na’mean? Race cars, lasers, airplanes it’s a duck blur bee! For a children’s show I love the fact they kept it funky, for example. Scrooge was rich but still dealt with money issues peep, nigga always had people trying to rob him like the beagle boys and shit, then u got Glomgold (my nigga by the way) now he was the 2nd richest in the land and he hated Scrooge. Shit was real in the field, check out the intro it shows a clip of one of my fav episodes, you see the scene where scooge and the dude with dog ears is running as the ground is collapsing beneath them! Shit was epic!

The Good Ol’ Days (Crack Era Vol.2)

Come with me lil niggaz on a magical journey through time and shit, we going to like 86-87 now dunn dunn. This was the year money was being made in hoods cross merica dunny, all from glass bottles in the pot on moms stove! YEA! When most shorty’s peeping that reading rainbow jumpoff the god was  building in the kitchen. I remember my mans hugh downs from lakeside was getting crazy paper of them rocks, I mean feens said they overcooked and all but son on the real word to allah a kid gotta eat feel me? Ribs is touching like D said and fo real bullet nancy regan if u make me wait word to mutha. Selling crack is a tedious profession na’mean, take like years of adding and taking away from niggas adding money and taking over niggas money HOLLA! The stove top was a central part of the crack game feel’me you gotta real eyes that niggaz wasn’t seeing paper till coke started getting hard and niggas made that happen! Got my troop jacket with the red sleeves my Africa medallion my high tops, IM GOOD BEE! You think we playing? Like I aint lived through the most realest era a nigga done seen, this shit is real to me more real than slavery more real than like mr.t’s chains and shit! Damn ya’ll aint getting money like we were fo real. RIP HUGH DOWNS doing a 100 years in Shirley all over that crack money. Damn Crack, damn my nigga. All for the love of drug dealing. Crack why u kill so many of my niggas, Crack why u showed me doe a nigga could neva dreams of. Crack man, fucking crack.-LeRoy (Your baby mama’s idol)


The Good Ol’ Days

Yo check it bee son In the days of glory of like krush groove and fucking 3 piece rings we sold crack, my mans cooked it in a pot for like half hour then we had beers like fucking colt 40ty son. Regan was talking with his bitch about drugs bad, my team moving that rock like drugs make us glad. Nancy been a bitch before the 80’s movement I mean how u rock that wig on the daily ma you ugly. But ma had proper reason feel me, peep, bitch like stay in school and shit my mans like yo menelik that foul im like yo nigga peep game, kids in school mean we got a distribution now son like fucking warner bros and shit. Lil nigga thinking how he getting looney toon paper! TIME WARNER NIGGA HOLLA! But what really burns my crack pot is that hoe nancy , hypocritical and shit na’mean she talk about niggas in gold chains and triple piece rings and troop jackets with the red on the sleeve (oh that was a niggas dream back in 87 bee) then she sitting on the goon of em all ClUBBER LANG”S LAP JESUS WHITE MY NIGGA can I live! Nan nutta u lil niggas neva seen money like we seen in that era man fo real, I had niggas on mobile phones the size of baby arms in there saab (of course gold bbs) feel me?  Kay sa ra sa ra my nigga it was a time of kings we all had gold and we all had guns too I mean they try to post billboards how crack wack and shit but for a lot of the full time goons crack was more like the wheel my nigga THE WHEEL, WORD TO THE MUTHA!