True Story – Saigon

Never knew they made a video for this Saigon classic, True Story.

True Story – Saigon

Together (Dear Black America) – Saigon

New video from Saigon for Together (Dear Black America) directy by Court Dunn.

“Together (Dear Black America)” as an introduction to the subject matter in “The Greatest Story Never Told” and because of its relevance to the album’s release this February for Black History Month.”

It’s Cold – Saigon

Saigon comes correct with some real spit for the latest single from his upcoming album The Greatest Story Never Told, on It’s Cold.

Its Cold – Saigon

Strength – Saigon

New video from Saigon produced by Just Blaze for Strength off of his upcoming album Greatest Story Never Told dropping 2-15-2011.

I Want It All – Saigon

Another new video from Saigon, last week he gave us You Make Me Sick this week he gives us I Want It All.  Be on the lookout for The Yardfather Prologue which should be dropping any day now.

You Make Me Sick – Saigon

New video from Saigon for You Make Me Sick which will be appearing on his upcoming The Yardfather’s Prologue dropping this week.  Also at the end of the video Saigon gives us a solid release date on his looong overdue LP Greatest Story Never Told will be released in February.

Joe Budden Banned in Boston

It’s official.  Joe Budden is banned in Boston, in the clip below Edo. G and Dj On&On let Budden know he ain’t welcome in the Bean.  All this after Budden had a show which was hosted & promoted by Edo in Boston on Thurs Night, where Buddens made some offensive comments to the Boston crowd.  Friday night Joey performed at Tammany Hall in nearby Worcester Ma.  and next weekend he also has a show down in Cape Cod I assume at either club Reputation or Pufferbellies in Hyannis.  Big Up to the cape cod Bumpus st.  goon squad, let me know if anything pops off

UPDATE : Joe Budden Cancelled his show in Cape Cod @ Pufferbellies