Pritti Di General – Street Life (Directed by Nick Black)

Pritti Boy been doing his thing for a grip and has been on an international grind for sometime now. Dude has performed both in the States and Jamaica and has recorded videos in both countries. His newest video is directed and shot by our brother Nicholas Black and edited by Omari O’neal. Shit is dope, NUFF SAID. Look for cameo’s from Baige O’bannon, Yipp Fam, Flava 105.5’s very own DJ Jack Frost, and the brothers at Little New York.

Brother Menelik (Av) – Sell Drugs (Cocaine)

Ima sell cocaine/ get a gold chain/ 4 piece rang (ring)/ and a gun that go bang/ (bang bang, sell cocaine)

Av Cocaine

Another track from the Hot Dogs & Coke (Coney Island Shit) Mixtape recorded at T’s studio. When I heard the Madlib beat I fell in love and decided to spit some crack over it, T mixed in some sick samples and we made a classic. This track is for my brother who is no longer with us Rob V, I love u bee WRECKING CREW! HHTT APPROVED

Brother Menelik (Av) – Sell Drugs (Cocaine)

Raekwon – Verbal Intercourse (Feat. Nas & Ghostface Killah)


1995, 1995, MUTHAFUCKING DAMN BEE 1995! I aint gonna spit that fancy shit this is for the real. This is for the Wellington basement, pissy elevators, murray ave main south shit! Yo Rev im sorry, no disrespect to the remix with the Detroit kids but this is the classic bee! Rae and Ghost hold it down as usual but to me Nas fucking destroys the track from start. Rae dropped a gem with Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, I only hope the sequel will be up to par.

Mobb Deep – Survival Of The Fittest


There was a time where swag didn’t exist, there was a time where to be gritty was to be everything. I can think back, rocking that nappy fro ,army fatigue and wheat tims on my feet. Mobb Deep was the truth during this era, Prodigy rocking the bullet proof, classic. The whole video was shot in the hood, no bitches, no fancy cars just the realness. Even the way the song starts, the beat sound like some creep music. That black mask early 90’s run up in ya moms crib with duck tape type music! This song mos def only establish queens more so, Prodigy‘s rough intense flow mixed with Havoc‘s spitfire style worked flawless to orchestrate there hood saga. What made me think of all this was a conversation I had with Rev and Lex, we all admitted to how sick 1995 was and for that reason I had to post this.
Cuban link chains, champion hoodies, tims and Nas with the cameo……. Classic don’t sleep
Damn I miss 95

Lloyd Banks – Holy Matrimony

“I got super glue/ armored cars and a gun from the future too”
It seems 2009 is the year for MC’s who slacked to finally realize its time to come hard, and Lloyd does just that on this track. When I first heard Lloyd Banks I could hear the hunger in the queens youth but by the time of his 2nd album it seemed he peaked. I’m glad to say Mr. Banks is back on his gritty shit again on this track which is hopefully a sign of things to come.