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I was granted a traveling permit so I went on a little vacation to Hartford CT and definitely had to pay a visit to the Comerio on Park Street in downtown Hartford . I’ve been dreaming about good Molsijah for three years damn near four and finally had some, big shout to the Comerio for still standing over 20 yrs strong. I remember eating there when I was 5 years old ( I’m 28 now ) and my mother worked down the block at Evelyn’s Beauty Salon and I still see the same old man behind the counter that was there when I was young. I step into a time machine every time I visit.You got to understand I was born in Tacoma ( Great Brook Valley ) in Worcester Ma and taken to South Hartford Ct, I spent my childhood between both cities , so Hartford has always been a home to me and I cherish the moment every time I touch down. DEFINITELY HHTT APPROVED !!!