Dubbage New Years Extravaganza

“Dubbage has been going STRONG since we started in the beginning of 2009.  It has been very successful since the first night.  Providing all-star DJs every week, with yours truly as a allstar resident mc hosting it.  The night will have 10 threshold DJs, two MCs, champagne toast, $10 cover, $10 for a liter of beer and a shot (everthing is ten themed)  Everything from dubstep to hiphop to jungle to reggae, etc.”  -Elijah Divine

So make sure if you are in and around the Hartford CT. area for New Years, check out Dubbage hosted by HHTTs very own Elijah Divine, and for all things Elijah Divine check him out at http://elijahdivine.com/


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I was granted a traveling permit so I went on a little vacation to Hartford CT and definitely had to pay a visit to the Comerio on Park Street in downtown Hartford . I’ve been dreaming about good Molsijah for three years damn near four and finally had some, big shout to the Comerio for still standing over 20 yrs strong. I remember eating there when I was 5 years old ( I’m 28 now ) and my mother worked down the block at Evelyn’s Beauty Salon and I still see the same old man behind the counter that was there when I was young. I step into a time machine every time I visit.You got to understand I was born in Tacoma ( Great Brook Valley ) in Worcester Ma and taken to South Hartford Ct, I spent my childhood between both cities , so Hartford has always been a home to me and I cherish the moment every time I touch down. DEFINITELY HHTT APPROVED !!!

Dubbage Fridays

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If your around the Hartford area this Friday check out Elijah do his thing, what up Connecticut don’t worry HHTT coming very soon!