The Fray – heartless (kanye cover)

the fray

much respect is givin to THE FRAYon this track. I enjoy listening to this version of heartless for the same exact reasons I liked Kanye’s version, simply put I like to call it “creative emotion”. Kanye felt this track with heavy 808’s and full auotune, while THE FRAY took it in the exact opposite direction going nearly acapella with lite acoustics. I enjoy this track alot, take a listen and let me know what you think…

I’m a Gay Fish – Kanye West (South Park)

Last nights South Park took aim at Kanye West and even capped the episode off with a song enjoy I’m a Gay Fish

(Full Version) Download/Stream—>

50 Cent – Heartless Monster


50 Cent is a pure nigger. After that being said I’m glad to see Fifth back on his “get rich or die trying”  vibe.  The beat is nice, it got that murder murder, black mask bout to rob a nigga sound.

“Got a baby by ya baby mama, nigga we family” – 50

Fifth a funny dude I cant lie, Is 50 back?

Dr. Jan Adams (Dr. Evil) Gets 1 year in Prison


With a lot of negative publicity for his role in the death of Donda West (Kanye’s Moms), LA Plastic Surgeon Jan Adams was sentenced to 1 year for DUI. Adams pleaded no contest to a DUI charge in an incident that happened last June. He was arrested after drivers aw him going the wrong way in his Jaguar XK8 on Highway 680. When finally pulled his blood alcohol level was .20 double the California limit.

The surgeon will carry out his sentence in the Solano County Jail in Vallejo starting Feb. 6th. This drunken butcher better learn quick prison isn’t a joke, even if you are Dr. Evil!

Why he gotta be so Dr. Evil.adams