If He’s A Killer – Freekey Zekey Feat. Sen City, Hell Rell & J.R. Writer

New video/music from Freekey Zekey for If He’s A Killer featuring Sen City, Hell Rell & J.R. Writer.

If He\’s A Killer – Freekey Zekey Feat. Hell Rell, Sen City & J.R. Writer

Toast (Runaway Freestyle) – Jim Jones & CamRon

Karate Kid (Video) – Hell Rell Feat. J.R. Writer

New music video from Hell Rell & JR Writer for Karate Kid.

Karate Kid – Hell Rell Feat. JR Writer

I Got The Power – A-Mafia

I Got The Power is off of A-Mafia’s upcoming Digital Hustler mixtape.  It takes balls to sample this track but he actually pulled it off.

I Got The Power – A-Mafia

Warm It Up – 40 Cal

New joint from Dipset survivor 40 Cal Warm It Up produced by araabMuzik.

Warm It Up – 40 Cal 

Below new Dipset producer araabMuzik demolishes his MPC

I Hate My Job – Camron

I am sure more then a few of us can relate to this new entertaining music video “I Hate My Job” from Camron off of his upcoming album Crime Pays.  Can’t lie the game is kinda boring right now, where ya been Cam?

Why Are You Speaking?

Jimmy please shut the fuck up! I mean c’mon bee, are you really that mad TIP left you off the track??? Ever since the release of “Swagga Like Us” Jimmy has been visibly upset in the media about not being on the track. So the lil bitch nigga pokes jabs at Jay (of course) about his roc jeans, then I hear he said “fuck nas” on the real what is this bitch niggas beef with Nasir in the first place??? Jimmy, Cam put u on, you had a hit with ballin, STOP IT JIM you are not a movement! Ya gear is trash that aint you bee that’s rock shit, my nigga Bret Michaels birthed ya style. And to end it he say niggas don’t want a swag like TIP on his block. Jim, Im confused, what block u be at? Half ass rapper nigga, you were better in the background.