Nas and Kelis Divorce


Nas and Kelis have finally parted ways after six years of marriage. She has filed for divorce a spokesperson said to VIBE magazine. The reason is the typical Hollywood one “irreconcilable differences” whatever the fuck that means. All this while Kelis is 7 Months Pregnant, bitch got that nigga.

Knock You Down – Keri Hilson ft. Kanye West & Ne-Yo

“This is bad, real bad Michael Jackson, now I’m mad, real mad Joe Jackson”

Knock You Down video from Keri Hilson featuring Kanye West & Ne-Yo.  Be on the lookout for a cameo from San Diego Chargers defensive beast Shawne Merriman.  Download/Share—>

Shawty Lo – Dunn Dunn

T.I. is my nigga and all but Shawty Lo a real street nigga no doubt. Son in the video Dunn Dunn it all, my lil nigga brings it to the hood, he sits up in a apartment with the last supper on the wall counting paper while crack on the stove and bitches chilling. Who you know more G than that?? TIP is the better rapper but Lo’s swag is ridiculous, when he says “nigga say he from the westside? Got damn must be 2 sides” my team goes crazy. Peep the Dunn Dunn video shit is too hood or peep that new T.I. shit “whatever you like” with him buying bitches shit flying planes and shit. I love when Shawty Lo name drops “ask hero, marlo, carlo” 100 he is a G.


Dunn Dunn it all

Childhood Heros

Some people like batman, some people like superman fuck that this my nigga! when i was a kid i use to love playing street fighter, my best memory was finally making it to Master Bison in Street Fighter II Champion Edition. The music in this dudes stage was that of legend, we fought for our life in a 2 round battle. Took me years to beat him but Bison taught me my greatest lesson HOPE.


Thank you M. BISON, thank you.