Black Star – Thieves in The Night


 It took me quite sometime to post this because this is a song that truly emphasizes real hip hop. There was a time where I was heavily into the underground and when the Mighty Mos Def and Talib dropped Blackstar it was nothing short of a masterpiece. 88 keys provided in my opinion one of the most melodic beats in hip hop and allowed Mos and Talib to spit lyrical poetry upon it flawlessly. This song is so deep it still sends chills down my spine, the piano with the bass then the chorus its beautiful. In my opinion this is the pinnacle of conscious rap hands down. HHTT Approved “We either niggaz or kings/ we either bitches or queens”

Listen Up -EPMD

Eric and Parrish are back making dollars, the great Teddy Riley assists the hall of fame duo in the new “Listen Up” although Teddy uses the played out Vocorder voice effect thingamajig,  He does it proper much like Roger Troutman used to, once upon a time.  peep the sure shot Head Nod track  EPMD – Listen Up