Legends Of The Fall


Legends of the fall is a movie which stars Brad Pitt (Tristan), Anthony Hopkins (Col. Ludlow) and Aidan Quinn (Alfred). The Movie spans the decade before WWI through Prohibition and into the 1930’s. The film revolves around the Ludlow family of Montana, its truly an incredible journey of family altogether. When I first saw this movie I was taken back at first by the cinematography, I mean its ridiculous how the scenery speaks to you. What I also noticed was Brad Pitt’s character Tristan, Tristan was pretty much the center of everything. I’m not gonna let too much about this great flick out but I do want to touch on the ending. This is in my top 5 greatest movie endings of all time, in the final scene a father steps up for his son, then a son steps up for his father and finally a brother who was forgotten returns to step up for both.
Hopefully this epic scene will inspire you to watch this classic.

I Killed Adolf Hitler

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