Swingers was released independently around 1996 and is without a doubt one of my favorite films.  I can definately relate to the film on many levels given my age & lifestyle amongst other things.  The flick was definately Jon Favreau & Vince Vaughn’s coming out party into the movie business.  Enjoy the funny clip below 

Clubber Lang

Out of the streets of Chicago Clubber Lang was raised. Clubber never had a handout all his life he had to fight, punching people in there face, belly, and chest if needed. This nigga didn’t have parents he had the streets!! Clubber went to jail for 5 years and discovered boxing, a new drive took over him. He began moving his way up the ladder with furious style and aggression, soon getting the attention of Rocky himself. Rocky was rich getting doe big house and shit he training in a fucking circus it looks like. Clubber in the ghetto sweating, dodging the feens to live his dream! That’s why in the first beef Rocky went down hard, I heard they fought again but I don’t know bout all that. I seen one fight and from what I seen CLUBBER ROCKED ROCKY!